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Whether You Want To Compete Or Just Look Like You Could…

No Matter Your Size, Shape & Even Into Your 30’s, 40’s & 50’s


Hi Gorgeous,

I love that you are looking to improve yourself, your health and your life, and YOU are what makes it so wonderful.

You inspire me and for that, I want to thank you.

You are here because you already know what works best – someone to be accountable to 24/7, someone to be your friend through the process but also kick your butt and keep you in check, someone who is counting on you and you on them, someone to share your hopes, dreams, fears and emotions with a long the way – in other words — a GOOD coach.


As part of my gratitude, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to take your goals to the next level, by working with me personally.

I know the effort you can put forth, and I know that with my help, you can be truly unstoppable.

I can’t wait to show you just how much you can accomplish given the right personalized coaching and support!

Bottom line is that its all about helping you achieve results quickly, developing a simple and easy to follow new fitness lifestyle that you can stick to long term.

Your health is THE most important thing while doing this the right way and making sure you succeed.

Whether You Want To:

  • Be a healthy role model to your family

  • Be a happy, awesome, confident best version of yourself

  • Enter a bikini competition

  • Enter a figure competition

  • Be a fitness model

Just know that you should never have to deprive yourself, should always have plenty of food to choose from and also be able to eat things you love – NOT what you don’t.

For example… my clients can eat things like pasta, bread, yogurts, fruits, peanut butter, never need to eat things they don’t like. They also get to eat things like cheesecake, chocolate, wine, cheese, cereals etc..

You Are Different and Special!

Just know that no matter your size, age or starting point right now, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to give up your dreams.



One of the best people I have ever had a chance to work with.

It’s hard to find people in this industry who care about others and actually know what they are talking about.

Olesya does both.

It has been an amazing year training with her and she has helped me accomplish one of my life goals. Love her!”

“Yes, I would definitely recommend Olesya!

She is always an open book and gets back to me very quickly.

I love that she has all the answers to my bikini competition questions and encourages you to contact her with anything!

Who does that?!

She worked with my vegan and vegetarian diet as well.

Her workout routines are exciting too!”

I would certainly recommend Olesya for anything, just look at my before/after pictures.

She even made this experience such a pleasurable one. She was fast with emails, took my phone calls, and not to mention was so sweet.

Her knowledge & experience in this field is amazing and she is extremely professional. I love that all food guidance she gave me was all clean eating.

She has your health and well-being at heart!

You Deserve The Best

Also super important – if you are a woman reading this you MUST choose to work with a female coach.


Male coaches simply do not understand how the female body functions.

Male coaches most often than not fail to realize that nutrition and training for a woman is WAY different than for a man. How could they?

Women have cycles, emotional and hormonal fluctuations that MUST be taken into account to get the best results.

Women have families, children and other responsibilities men don’t have.

Another thing if competing, is post competition rebound which can wreck a woman’s metabolism and hormone levels if reverse dieting isn’t done correctly.

Men won’t have this issue which is why most coaches and trainers don’t even know it exists.

YOU are special and your coach needs to treat you as such.

Not just another plan… there isn’t anything cookie cutter about what we do together.

Everything is 100% customized to you and your likes/dislikes, metabolism, hormones, lifestyle and schedule.




Everything would get continually adjusted as we progress depending on your goals at that point.

We would concentrate on whatever we would need to depending on what you are at.

Its all about making you feel happy, awesome, and confident while achieving your fitness goals and boosting your health in the process.

Coaching is totally about the emotional side.

Even if you had the best nutrition & training in the world there is going to come a time where we missed a workout, skipped a meal, ate the wrong thing, felt upset about something that happened which totally messed up the whole thing…

HOW you react and HOW you overcome that is what a good coach is for

….the pros know it, fitness models know it, professional athletes do as well – which is why they all have coaches.

Bikini competitors and models aren’t superhuman… there no different than anyone else.. they just realize that mistakes and slippage is allowed but also that having a coach is the best way to overcome those emotional setbacks.

With one on one coaching with me directly, you’ll receive 100% personalized nutrition, workout, cardio, supplement plans, each of which I’ll comprise based upon your responses to an extensive questionnaire.

I’ll take into account everything from your dietary likes and needs, to your lifestyle, schedule, health concerns, injuries, metabolism, hormones and ultimate goals.

image half

We’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting you exactly where you’d like to be — fitness and health; body and mind.

All of my personal coaching clients work directly with me me via my private email and text 24/7 with an average 1-2 hour response time.

I try my best to get back to everyone as quickly as possible which is one of the main things that separates me from all the other coaches out there.

I’ll be your partner and primary supporter, always here to help you navigate your daily life as you continue on your journey of building the fitness lifestyle you’ve already set out to achieve.

Once we start working together we stay in unlimited contact and you can reach out to me as much as you like as often as you like and I am always there to respond.

Basically think of me not only as your coach but as your best friend who’ll kick your butt through the whole process.

I want to see you successful.

Thats why I do this and have done now for 13 years and coached over 2,000 clients in 27 different countries.


You Can Have The Body Of A Professional Bikini Competitor or Figure Model…

Maybe you even have dreams of doing a competition one day or just want to look like you could?

I can help with that like I do for all my personal clients.

Again, here’s what’s covered: Just about every aspect of total body transformation, metabolic rehabilitation (as necessary), and competition (as necessary) designed to have you lose fat, sculpt lean long sexy muscle, get stronger, feel even more vibrant and healthy.

This includes support, guidance, a nutrition plan, workout plan, cardio plan, optional supplementation guidance, along with the emotional aspects of nutrition and/or metabolic repair if needed.

If you do want to compete, have a big event, or even want to do a photoshoot one day, when the time comes we’ll also cover posing, makeup, tanning, suit/shoes selection, stage presentation — basically, everything you may need and more to rock that stage, photoshoot, other big event, wedding, vacation or even the beach!.




Each aspect of your training and nutrition would then get adjusted as often as necessary to keep you on track, focused and making progress.

You’d send me mandatory updates (photos and stats) weekly, so we can monitor your progress closely and adjust everything as needed to make sure you look your best as quickly as possible. — while following a healthy, balanced program you can stick to.

By The Way…

Any coach who offers you bi-weekly checkins are a waste and will only succeed in wasting your time and money!

As for a program to work you need to continually check in with your coach and possibly make adjustments all the time.

My clients are encouraged to contact me as much as needed to hold themselves accountable and to ask me whatever questions may enter their minds.

Seriously what’s the point of paying for a coach to help when they are never around, you can’t reach them and it seems like they don’t care?

Stop wasting your time, hard earned money on cheap coaches who promise you the world and never deliver – you deserve better.

Time to invest in yourself, your health, your life, dreams goals and do this once and for all.

You only get one life to live – make it count. Tick tock…Tick tock…




With me, There is no contract, there is no minimum time and you could even do a month to test the waters.

I get back to clients usually within 1-2 hours on average (if not minutes) unless I am sleeping.

This is something NO other coach will ever do.

I know business people who pay thousands of dollars every money for a coach that they only speak to once a week.

When you are with me, we are a team.

I work just as hard as you do to make sure you get where you want to be quickly.


Let Me Ask You…

Who is going to be there for you when you have questions?

Who is going to be there for you when life has its “moments”?

Well I can sure as heck tell you…100% without a shadow of doubt, NOT those other coaches.

If you have questions about my personal coaching, the way it works, or any other details, please don’t hesitate to contact me right now.

Regardless of your ultimate decision, I wish you all of the very best luck in creating the health and the body you’ve set out to build.

THIS is taking it to the next level…

Thank you again for being who you are, taking the next step and for visiting my website.

If you are ready right now to change your life, get unstuck and finally to move in the right direction.

Then I would absolutely love to help.


contact me now

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If you truly want to succeed, live your dreams, have your best body ever, get healthy, feel happy, awesome, confident in your skin and get life changing results – THAT is what I do…

Because of the personal nature of this program, I can only handle 35 coaching clients at one time…

This helps guarantee that that I can maintain the quality of your customized nutrition, training, and cardio plans AND answer your questions effectively. Taking more than 35 clients at once diminishes my ability to help you achieve your goals.

Please contact me today if you’re interested in discussing your goals, what it will take to get there, and how I can help as your personal coach!

Clients work with me month to month, there is no contract and you can cancel any time.

There is no pressure and no fear of a long term commitment.

Clients pay me on a month to month basis – there’s no large upfront costs to get started.

Also realize.. you’re not paying for a program…. you are paying for my time, 24/7 support, knowledge and experience. Hire me as your coach and the program is FREE.

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Together We’ll Build Your

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