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Jenn Rich

“I have already told everyone I know about your program and how amazing it has been for me! All my friends and family are impressed, and so am I! 🙂  I promise I will keep in touch and show you my progress in the future! I know someone else who used your program a few months ago and she looks amazing! Your program is the best I have seen yet, and I know it will help me to continue being successful in the future! Thank you, Olesya! Jenn Rich”

Tiffany Marshall

“I would certainly recommend Olesya for anything, just look at my before/after pictures. She even made this experience such a pleasurable one. She was fast with emails, took my phone calls, and not to mention was so sweet. Her knowledge & experience in this field is amazing and she is extremely professional. I love that all food guidance she gave me was all clean eating. No unnecessary supplements, & she has your health and well-being at heart!”

Crystal Chittenden

“Yes, I would definitely recommend Olesya! She is always an open book and gets back to me very quickly. I love that she has all the answers and encourages you to contact her with anything! Who does that?! She worked with my vegan and vegetarian diet as well. She kept my workout programs exciting too!”

Cydnei Greenlee
Cydnei Greenlee

“Absolutely! One of the best people I have ever had a chance to work with. It’s hard to find people in this industry who care about others and actually know what they are talking about. Olesya does both. It has been an amazing year training with her and she has helped me accomplish one of my life goals. Love her!”

Tonia Booth
Tonia Booth

“Yes Absolutely! Olesya is amazing at what she does. I researched several coaches before I found her and I knew right away with my first contact with her, she was the perfect coach for me. I immediately felt very comfortable with her. She is very professional and has awesome work ethics. She always made me feel important. I have a hard time expressing just how amazing this woman really is! She is always on time when it comes to emails, and I can talk to her about anything. She’s really a beautiful soul inside and out and I’ve never met another coach who has cared more about her clients than her. She has by far the most awesome meal plans I’ve ever seen, (and I have seen several), along with some great training routines.”

Denise Jo Milanowski

“I absolutely recommend Olesya and her services. I have already. I belong to a group of women who lift and have given out Olesya’s name at least 10 times already. I have been contacted by email, Facebook, etc about how to go about training for a show. They get sent Olesya’s link instantly. I can’t say enough about the positive experiences I have had with her coaching. She was always there with an answer. I specifically remember e-mailing her at like 2 in the morning with a silly question thinking that I would hear back when I got up the next morning,…. I heard a beep,…. She had responded immediately. What an amazing woman!! If you are considering a competition, she is the ONLY choice!!”

Dekel Nesbitt
Dekel Nesbitt

“I would definitely recommend Olesya’s services. She was professional, knowledgeable, and sincere. I never felt like just another client. She always took the time to explain things to me and if I would take longer than usual to check in with her she would send a little note to check up on me. The diet and workout plans were effective and easy to follow and intense. I saw the results I needed that helped me rock the stage and have a great time doing it. I think enjoying the process and having fun is very important and Olesya ensured that I was able to see results while having fun.”

Sonya Arellano
Sonya Arellano

“I cannot speak highly enough about Olesya! She is an amazing trainer! The experience I have had working with Olesya has been one of the most rewarding times in my life. At 42 years old I competed in my first figure competition and it is all because of Olesya. I cannot thank her enough for this amazing transformation!”

Dr Teresa Crane
Dr Teresa Crane

“Working online with Olesya Novik has honestly been one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences of my life. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding fitness and nutrition that is simply mind-boggling, to say the least! She is there when you need her, for certain, at all hours of the day and night! I truly have never felt better, both mentally and physically. I am currently prepping for an NPC Bikini Competition, and I have complete faith in Olesya as my coach to bring me to the stage looking my absolute best!”

Kristine Rassmusen
Kristine Rassmusen

“Right from the first message I ever sent Olesya, I KNEW she could help me. she also made me feel very comfortable and excited to work with her. All of my hopes were fulfilled, all of my questions (and more) answered! Not only does she provide me with the answers to ALL my fitness and health questions but she also is a huge help with any beauty and cosmetic advice I need! I am so grateful to have found Olesya, I know she will always be there for me as we get closer and closer to my many fitness goals!”


“Olesya is an excellent coach and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to live a fit lifestyle: average joe or figure competitor! I worked with Olesya for the greater part of this year and it has truly been a positive experience and no one has ever been as responsive and reliable as Olesya. Throughout my time as a client, I took comfort in the fact that whenever I had a question, Olesya would answer it in no time at all. She took great care in developing my programs and never hesitated to give me lengthy explanations when I had questions or needed reassurance. Olesya has a firm understanding of nutrition and the needs of the human body. Olesya was incredible. She gave me tons of guidance on every aspect of my life. She even gave me the emotional support I needed as well. Now, that is truly the definition of a coach! Working with Olesya has not only given me great results, but has been an education!”

Heather Colleen
Heather Colleen

“I have used Olesya Novik’s services for two figure competition preps and I will continue to use her services in the future. Training with Olesya online is really like having someone in person! She gives detailed workout plans and tailored diets according to how you look, how you feel, how you measure, etc. Not only is the training and diet service spectacular, the care and concern that is shown weekly is something that money can’t buy. Olesya is genuinely eager to know how I am feeling and has been my councilor on many occasions, all because she initiated a thoughtful conversation. Olesya’s programs are the total package when it comes to changing your body, mind and life!”

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