14 Day Challenge – Day #2 Tips & Tricks

Today I want to give you some really cool natural “detox” tips to drop weight and bloat fast!

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Day #2 – How To Beat The Bloat

You’re probably wondering why the word “detox” is in quotations marks.

If you happen to know me, then you’re also wondering what this section is even doing here, as part of this system!

And that’s because I’d always been vocal about my distrust of all things detox and “cleanse.”

Let me explain: Most detoxes and cleanses you find out there are either extremely unhealthy, completely ineffective, or both.

At the very best, they may result in slight water weight loss — which is then quickly regained as soon as you return to a lifestyle you can maintain.

That is why I don’t believe nor support any detoxes in their traditional sense.

I do, however, support and wholeheartedly believe in the smart, balanced approach to getting a head start on a new, healthy lifestyle.

Doesn’t sound very exciting? Well, it should, because it’s actually effective — which is more than can be said for most “detoxes” out there!

The guide that follows is one I created over a decade ago to help my competitive clients as well as my professional models to prepare for their events.

I developed it based on my own body’s response to various food, water, and supplement combinations, and tweaked it to perfection over several years.

I’m sharing it with you now because I sincerely want to see you succeed, so get excited and read on!

This jumpstart plan is comprised of a set of guidelines which are meant to work in sync with your nutrition.

My recommendation would be to implement them immediately as you begin to follow your program, and stick with them for one full week.

You can then repeat this week-long system reset whenever you’re feeling the need for it (tip: it’s a great way to prepare for important events where you’d like to look your absolute best!).

The Guidelines.

  1. Every morning, upon waking, consume a drink made with 12 oz of warm water, 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 Tbsp organic lemon juice, 1 Tbsp BeneFiber, stevia to taste, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Mix thoroughly and sip as soon as you get out of bed (don’t wait until it’s time to eat breakfast!)
  2. Consume only fish or egg whites for all of your protein. Looking at your menus, you will replace all of your chicken, steak, tofu, dairy, and protein shake proteins with fish and egg whites. Keep in mind that you’ll want 4 oz of fish or 6 egg whites at each of your meals.
  3. Use only the bare minimum of salt in your food. Train yourself to replace salt with other spices (use turmeric, curry, paprika, and other natural antioxidant rich spices) as well as as many herbs as you’d like with any of your meals.
  4. Replace at least one of your daily veggie servings with 8-10 oz asparagus (grilled or steamed).
  5. Drink 1.5 gallons of plain water every single day. This will seem like a whole lot, but it’ll go a long way in flushing your body out — and just think of how much easier it will be to drink the one gallon of water we’ll want you drinking daily from there forward!
  6. Stay away from all condiments. Your food may taste bland this week, but your body will thank you for the break from various artificial ingredients, colorants, flavorings, and other chemicals. If you need dressing for your salad, use apple cider vinegar.
  7. Eat your last meal of the day no later than 2 hours before bed. If you’re hungry afterwards, you may have unlimited herbal tea (NO caffeine!). If you’re still hungry, have 12 oz of water with 1 Tbsp BeneFiber.
  8. No coffee or any caffeinated beverages after 12:00 pm.
  9. No soda pop of any kind (not even the diet kind!).
  10. No alcohol of any kind, either.
  11. Take a high quality probiotic just before eating breakfast, daily.
  12. No dairy of any sort. Remember, you’re replacing all of your protein sources with fish and/or egg whites, but you’re also omitting any half & half or creamer you may be using in your coffee.
  13. Have grapefruit for carbs every morning (1 whole medium fruit). Your breakfast will consist of 6 egg whites and one grapefruit.
  14. Have coconut oil as a source of all of your fats. Anywhere the menus call for nuts or nut butter, you will replace with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  15. Every evening before bed, dry brush your entire body in circular motions to improve circulation, and take a hot Epsom salts bath for 20-30 minutes.** This will help alleviate the soreness you may be feeling as a result of your new workouts, as well as help your body get rid of any excess water it’s retaining. Plus, it’ll leave you with soft and glowing skin!

**If you have a heart condition or generally tend to get lightheaded and faint easily, please be sure you get your doctor’s clearance before attempting to take a hot bath for any length of time. Always listen to your body and heed its signals.

That’s all for the guidelines, pretty simple — and they’ll have you feeling like a million bucks by week’s end!

You can expect to drop up to 8 lbs of fat and water over the first week of your following my meal plans & workouts along with this jumpstart detox plan, and that’s a lot to get excited about.

If we can get you motivated right from the start, we can set you up for success through a positive mindset.

Now that you’re in on my “Model’s Secret,” there’s nothing standing in your way of jumpstarting some fabulous changes.

Can’t wait to hear all about your triumphs in our community!



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