14 Day Challenge – Day #3 Tips & Tricks

Here’s all your flat belly lean belly tips for today.

Write these down, print these email and check off each one you accomplished today.

Day #3 of the Flat Belly Lean Body Challenge

1) Commit to others, not just yourself – Tell your loved ones about your journey. A lot of people hesitate, but there’s nothing wrong with telling people with your best
interest at heart that you’re dedicated to your goals and are working toward making them a reality.

2) Beat the bloat – All my clients know how much I love implementing certain veggies for their “de-puffing” action — they’re nature’s diuretics, AND are great for you. Celery, asparagus, dandelion greens, parsley… even green and black teas have diuretic properties. If you’re feeling bloated and/or water-logged due to having just had a treat, or maybe hormones… make sure you incorporate these into your diet, they’re super helpful! Just don’t forget to drink lots & lots of water, too. You’ll feel a whole lot better in no time!

3) Don’t be afraid to eat late –  Even right before bed! If you’re hungry, eat… you don’t want to wake up starving in the middle of the night and find yourself indulging in a random cookie.

4) Supersetting – You don’t want to sit around the gym, waiting to do your next set. The faster you move, the more energy you burn and the faster you’ll lose fat. Go from one set of one exercise, to a set of another exercise, and back to the first… then repeat until all your sets are done..

5) Start taking Green Tea supplements to burn belly fat – What does all of this mean? You’re getting antioxidants, which will slow down the aging process – something we can all use, right?! Green tea will also increase your metabolism without being a thermogenic “fat burner” – it will gently increase the fat loss process and provide you with added, natural energy.

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