14 Day Challenge – Day #4 Tips & Tricks

Time to get to your tips, tricks and ideas for today –

Day #4 of the Flat Belly Lean Body Challenge

1) Don’t stop moving – Just because you aren’t in the gym, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be moving. Studies show that people with that annoying habit of twitching their feet are generally thinner and leaner than those who sit still for long time periods. Move something, as frequently as possible. Fidget!

2) Get your sleep – This is HUGE. This one is non-negotiable. There have been studies popping up lately that lack of sleep may lead to Alzheimer’s. And even if it didn’t it would certainly lead to a spare tire because your body doesn’t get a chance to balance out hormones and recover from workouts if you aren’t sleeping at least 8 hours nightly.

3) Party and party hard –  Did you know that dancing is every bit as affective as boring cardio when it comes to fat loss, if not more so? It’s also fun, and a wonderful way to socialize — much better than gathering around a table full of fattening foods and desserts like we’re so accustomed to doing in the American culture. Keep this in mind next time you’re getting together with your girlfriends!

4) Secret way to crush sugar cravings – My clients have been loving this ridiculously simple pumpkin “cure” I discovered ages ago for handling sugar cravings, so I thought I’d share with ALL of you wonderful people. It’s healthy, practically a “free food” because it’s so high in fiber and low in other macros, and really takes care of the sweet tooth without ANY dairy, gluten, sugar, or anything else that may get in the way of reaching your body & health goals.

Take 1/4 can of pure pumpkin puree, add a tablespoon of cinnamon, a bit of allspice or pumpkin pie seasoning (alternatively use nutmeg, coriander, clove, cardamom… anything you like really), a tiny bit of stevia, and a drop of vanilla, and mix well.

If it’s too thick, feel free to add a drop of unsweetened almond milk to get a more “mouss-y” consistency. Top with a tiny bit of sugar free whipped cream if you’re not trying to stay away from dairy, or eat just as is – really helps control cravings.

**I know that sounds like a lot of cinnamon, but that’s a huge part of why it works – so try it!

5) N-acetyl Cysteine – NAC is an excellent liver health support amino acid, and has far-reaching effects on a number of other systems, including energy production, mood support and exercise recovery. If you’re serious about optimizing your antioxidants and training hard, then NAC will be an unbeatable resource in your supplement arsenal.

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