14 Day Challenge – Day #5 Tips & Tricks

All it takes is a few small tips, tricks and ideas each day to see results.

Here’s all your flat belly lean belly tips for today.

Write these down, print these email and check off each one you accomplished today.

Day #5 – Five Tips To Follow

1) Take 5 minutes daily to reflect – Think about the reasons you’re doing this, recommit, get re-excited — basically, go over this entire tip list daily. Remind yourself why you got into this in the first place by keeping your goals fresh and reflect on them.

2) Eat lots of fiber – You will get quite a bit from veggies, fruit, and don’t forget oatmeal. Great way to have a filling breakfast that’ll also fill your fiber requirements (at least 30g of it daily). You can even use a fiber supplement to make it easier.

3) HERE’S THE WEIRD TRICK I PROMISED YESTERDAY – Have rice cakes in place of cereal.. Sounds strange, but it’s very doable: Break rice cakes up into a bowl, top with milk of choice, and crunch away guilt-free!

4) Most of us want shapely, sculpted legs. This will entail pushing heavy weights. Don’t be afraid to squat! This leads to the condition otherwise known as flawless legs.

Here’s a FREE leg routine you can use today:

5) Take hot & cold “combination” showers.- Not only are they invigorating, they’ve also been known to stimulate both the metabolic function and the immune system! Ideally, you’ll want to take a hot Epsom salts bath (super therapeutic and wonderfully soothing to those sore muscles), wait for your body temperature to rise, and then take a cold rinse… followed by a warm rinse, and another cold one to finish. You’ll feel energized and your body will be primed for extra energy burn for a couple of hours afterwards!

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