14 Day Challenge – Day #6 Tips & Tricks

Remember, its baby steps.. little by little and next thing you know its flat belly time!!

Here’s all your flat belly lean belly tips for today.

Write these down, print these email and check off each one you accomplished today.

Day #6 – Some awesome tips, tricks and ideas to follow:


Making these CARB-FREE WAFFLES and freezing them for future use; they’re delicious and simple, and stay great in the freezer.

A single waffle contains about 30g protein and NO carbs (assuming you use a protein powder which contains 20-25g protein per scoop and no carbs). This recipe is for 2 waffles; adjust your amounts accordingly.

You’ll need**

4 egg whites
2 scoops protein powder (I use Syntrax Nectar in Vanilla Bean, Truffle for chocolatey waffles, or Cookies & Cream for Oreo-flavored ones)
1-2 tablespoons unsweetened almond milk (optional)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Here’s how…

Combine all your ingredients well (I like to whip the egg whites with a bit of water or unsweetened almond milk first, to make for a smoother consistency… but you can just dump everything into a bowl and whisk with a fork). You don’t want any lumps!

Once smooth, pour 1/2 of mixture onto a hot waffle griddle and spread the batter out with a spoon (it’s usually pretty thick, though again, you can thin it out a bit using water or unsweetened almond milk).

When done, take off griddle immediately and either eat right away or allow to cool, then freeze ’till needed. Obviously repeat with remaining batter.

You can top your waffle with raw honey or fruit if you’re looking to get carbs in that particular meal… or you can just enjoy as is. Really good!! 😀

**You can also add a tablespoon of sugar-free cocoa powder for rich chocolate taste, or cinnamon goes great with vanilla protein… would be great with maple extract, too… as well as any other extract you like. OR blueberries would be great, would only add a few grams of carbs. Could also be made into pancakes. Enjoy experimenting!

2) Remind yourself of how amazing you’ll feel tomorrow if you have a successful day today – Going off track is never, ever worth it in the aftermath. It isn’t a good idea and we know it, but many times we’ll act hastily and regret it later. Don’t act hastily! Before making any decision that you know you’ll regret, set the timer for 15 full minutes andwait. If you still want to make your bad decision after that, then go for it… but more often than not, the urge will have passed.

3) If cardio doesn’t seem effective, start doing it on an empty stomach – First thing in the morning, before meals. It’ll kick start your fat loss goals! Just don’t overdo it. Morning cardio is awesome!

4) Don’t skip TV commercials – You probably like to fast forward through them, but if you just let them play – and do jumping jacks, crunches, some skipping, or just about any other kind of moving while they’re on, you’ll end up getting substantial activity into your day without having to look for any extra time to do it.

5) Sunshine in a bottle – Supplement with vitamin D to support your body’s fat burning ability, it’s been popping up in more and more studies recently – and it’ll support your general health, too!

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