14 Day Challenge – Day #7 Tips & Tricks

All it takes is a few small tips, tricks and ideas each day to see results.

Here’s all your flat belly lean belly tips for today.

Write these down, print these email and check off each one you accomplished today.

Challenge Tips Day #7 – Five Tips To Follow

1) Think about the positive outcomes as opposed to the challenges – We all go through difficult times. Is it cold outside, leaving you with no motivation to leave a warm bed? Would you rather sit on the sofa eating cookies than bother with any of this stuff you started? That’s fine, but just think where you’ll be if you fight these urges! Block the negative thoughts and allow the positive ones to bloom; think of how amazing you’ll feel once you’ve achieved your goals.

2) Don’t be afraid of fructose – Who doesn’t love fruit?  Juices and fruits have their place, as long as you don’t overeat carbs over the course of the day, don’t be afraid to have these be your carb sources.

3) If you’re hungry between meals, drink! –  If you’re hungry despite not being thirsty, eat veggies. Green veggies are never a no no, on ANY diet… and you won’t gain fat off them. If you’re hungry despite eating veggies, something isn’t right with your diet. Take a careful look at your food intake. Don’t forget to look over the above and make sure you’re eating the right amount of proteins, fats, and carbs.

If you aren’t sure what the right amount for you is, take a look at my diet program!

4) Squeeze your muscles with every rep! Seriously.. try this the next time you work out and feel the fat burning!! You don’t want to waste your workouts. So many of us zone out to our iPods, try training without yours. Pay attention to every muscle and the way the movement feels so you can get the most out of each workout.

5) Add some Yoga! Not only is it a great way to keep your muscles flexible and keep your body youthful, certain types of yoga (like hot yoga and power yoga) burn more calories than a cardio session over the same time period.

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