14 Day Challenge – Day #8 Tips & Tricks

Checkout these transformation before/after pics and their story.

Darla in her 50’s with 5 kids went from out of shape to flat belly lean belly fitness model AND bikini competition PRO

I am still speechless over Tiffany’s before/after pictures. 

Simply amazing and goes to show you how what knowing EXACTLY what to eat and EXACTLY what exercises to do can change someone’s life.

You want their results?

Want to know exactly what they ate and what workouts they did?

Here you go —-> http://www.leanbellyfactor.com/lean-body-guide/

Flat Belly Tips Challenge Day #8

1) Get dressed in workout clothing as soon as you wake up (or directly after work) – You’ll be less likely to skip the workout if all that’s left to do, is run out the door and to the gym — no prep necessary.

2) Say no to Splenda and yes to Stevia – Not only has it recently been proven to cause cancer when used over a long time period, it actually contains 1g of sugar per packet which adds up quickly. It’s natural, calorie-free, has been used for centuries… and is available in many forms (powder is best, but if you buy Truvia brand be sure to check the label for the addition of sugar).

3) Cycle your macros – This is the principle around which my meal plans were created. If you take in varying amounts of carbohydrates and fats from day to day, you’ll speed up your metabolism while burning fat and keeping your body adequately nourished.

4) COOL TRICK – Smell your food before you eat and as you’re eating. This works really well to have you feeling full, make your meal last longer, but we often take it for granted – we just dig in without indulging all our senses. This leaves us hungry for more when we may have otherwise been satisfied.

5) Satisfy your cravings with candles!! – Vanilla, peppermint, banana, jasmine, and green apple scents have all been shown in studies to reduce appetite and sugar cravings. Light some candles with these scents when vegging out by the couch, you’ll be less likely to grab a bag of chips.

6) Still feel like binging once and a while? – Here’s 7 more tricks to stop a binge in its tracks!


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s really cool workout tricks!!

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