14 Day Challenge – Day #9 Tips & Tricks

Remember, its baby steps.. little by little and next thing you know its flat belly time!!

Here’s all your flat belly lean belly tips for today.

Write these down, print these email and check off each one you accomplished.

Day #9 – Five Tips To Follow

1) Find your inspiration – Why are you doing this? Take a pen and paper, and write down all of your reasons for wanting this change. WHY do you want the body? Why do you want the health, the energy, the vitality? What made you want it badly enough to join this community? Is it a future competition; is it a possible career in the fitness industry? Figure out what you want, specifically. Write it down and every morning you wake up read it out loud 5x. You’ll see what a huge difference this small change makes as what you wish manifests itself by letting the universe know you mean business.

2) Eat protein at each and every meal – Make sure you know exactly what protein foods are first as its not so obvious. Protein is essential for lean belly composition, will help you recover from your workouts and reshape your body, and keep hunger at bay.

3) Don’t count calories. It’s tedious and silly, your body doesn’t know how to count – it only knows how to respond hormonally to various macronutrients. Give it the right combination of macros and it’ll know what to do to get lean and healthy!

4) Engage your core – Try this today. Wall Sit—3 “sets” for a minimum of a minute each, TIME YOURSELF! Self-explanatory—just like in your HS gym class! Stand with your back against the wall, feet shoulder width apart. Slide down till your knees form a 90 degree angle, and remain in that position for the time specified. Rest in the up position; repeat for 3 “sets” of time.

5) Coconut oil – use it. It’s high in calories so don’t overdo it, but it IS a wonderful fat that’s also been proven to aid in fat loss. It’ll also help you stay fuller, longer. Use it to cook as frequently as you’d like to include a fat in your meal, just diversify.

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