3 Happy, Awesome, Confident Motivation Tips I Use

Especially around the holidays, we tend to get in our own way a lot, that’s just human nature.

We also all live busy lives, full of distractions, jobs, stressors, get-together…

…work functions, travel, ups and downs of all sorts which are bound to leave us stumped once in a while.

It can feel endless at times.

That’s life, and as I always tell my clients — you’re no robot.

You’re alive, breathing, perfectly imperfect and beautifully human… you’re bound to stumble now and again.

It’s what we do!

ALL of us…

Me, you, the fitness model on the cover of your favorite magazine, the professional competitor to whom you look up, the actress with the “perfect” figure… we all stumble and we all take detours, as hard as that may be for you to believe.

Check out these 3 tips I use to stay motivated even through the toughest times:


1. Take 5 minutes daily to reflect.

Think about the reasons you’re doing this, recommit, get re-excited — basically, go over this entire tip list daily.

Remind yourself why you got into this in the first place by keeping your goals fresh!

2. Know that it’s okay to have “down” days.

You will not always be motivated.

You won’t always want to go to the gym, nor will you always want to eat all of your protein and veggies.

There will be days when you don’t want to drink your water, days when you miss out on hours of sleep, and days when you won’t get up in time to prep your food or get your workout done.

Realize that this happens, it’s normal, and life goes on.

Forgive and forget, this doesn’t just apply to others — it applies to your own actions, too. Learn to be okay with the lows.

3. Learn to “get up and dust off.” No matter what.

While it’s okay to have down days, it is not okay to go back on your commitment to yourself.

This is a journey, it isn’t comprised of one day.

You’re doing this for yourself and you don’t go back on a word… you promised yourself and your loved ones that you’re making this happen, so do it! Always!

Oh… and BTW…..

(These tips are from my new 12 week Total Transformation – “Happy, Awesome, Confident” program – so be on the look out for more info on it shortly!)

Love, Best Wishes and I am always here if you need me!!

xox Olesya xox


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