5 Simple Ways To Change Your Life Right Now

It’s yet another random Tuesday morning. You hit the alarm clock snooze button to get just a few extra minutes of rest, but soon enough, you still have to drag yourself up out of bed, get dressed, and start your “morning ritual.”

This ritual may entail anything from getting the kids ready for school — now that the school’s back in session, to putting your makeup on as you mindlessly throw together a brown bag for lunch, to storming through the house, trying to make sure you don’t forget anything as you run out the door.

You’ll spend the entire day doing the same thing you do every boring Tuesday — whether that be going to classes, working your 9 to 5, staying home and taking care of your little ones, or running a million errands that never seem to end. You’ll go through the motions just like you always do, sticking to your schedule, trying to remember everything on your agenda, and worrying about a hundred different things all at once — literally, as only we women can.

The day will fly by, as they always do, and you’ll be back in bed in the blink of an eye. You’ll either lie there for hours, unable to sleep because those hundred worries just won’t leave your mind, or you’ll be out like a light because of all the running around you’ve done.

Either way, you’ll wake up… and the day will begin all over again. The cycle will repeat yourself over, and over, and over again.


Aren’t you tired of it all? Don’t you wanna snap out of it, and really feel alive? Don’t you deserve better?!

Of course you do! You probably just don’t know how to make it happen!

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Right here in this article, are five steps to come closer to feeling truly happy and alive, inside and out. Let’s get right to them; you’ve waited long enough.


  • Surround Yourself with Happy, Healthy People


“You’re a combination of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Someone said that to me when I was a young teen and I will never forget it. Basically, watch who you hang around with!

Over the past eleven or so years as a fitness coach, I’ve noticed that the most successful, happy people I’ve seen have a good supportive network and group of friends.

Yes, I know we don’t have control over every single person we meet or every place we go. We can’t control our co-workers, our boss, some of our family members, or the rude lady at the check-out counter. But the truth is, most aspects of our lives are under our own control, and a lot of us don’t take advantage of that!

Ask yourself these questions: Where do you spend most of your time outside of work? Who do you spend that time with?

Are the environments you can control supportive to your health and fitness? Your friends, the places you go? Think about it, and if not, then as I tell my clients — “Make new friends”!

You want to be in the company of like-minded, healthy people as often as possible. Believe me, it’ll help you stay positive, driven, and in the right state of mind.


  • Be Thankful


This is a great one. Instead of complaining that so and so has more than you, or looks better than you, or has an easier schedule than you – try being thankful for what you do have! Some of us really miss and take for granted things like our health, our gym membership, our kids, our cars, houses, even our husbands (yes that was a joke!).

My son and I do this often. It’s great for him too, and the “little” things that come out of his mouth always amaze me. The other day, we were sitting in traffic and my five year old son says, “It could be worse, we could not have a car!”


Of course I wanted to kill him because I was already annoyed sitting in traffic! But really, some of us are so focused on what we don’t have, and on our little imperfections, that we miss all the things we do have, and all the things that are good about us and our lives.

That negative outlook and mind-set can really put a damper on your inner dialogue and psychology. Eventually, that all comes out in our actions and has a snowball effect (you know, rolling down hill).

So from now on, when you catch yourself saying, “Boo hoo, I wish…” Stop yourself, and replace it with a “thankful” thought. You just may be amazed at the outcome!


  • Put Yourself First for a Day


This one won’t be easy for some of us!

I’m not telling you to go around and treat everyone harshly, yell at your kids when you don’t get your way, or tell your boss to make his own coffee.

What I mean is, think about what makes you happy. And for crying out loud, do it!


I know for me there are a few simple things I can do during the day that really make me happy. One of them is when I’m driving around doing errands with my son and I think, “You know what, I really want a coffee, and darnit, I’m going to get one!” Sometimes my son will say, “But I don’t feel like stopping”. And I reply with, “Well that’s okay, you don’t have to feel like it.”

Another one is watching the news while I eat. Excuse me kids, but that’s my big 57-inch TV, not yours. Mommy works hard all day, and my whole day revolves around you. I’m entitled to watch the news for 15 minutes while I eat, thank you very much.

Stop putting yourself last all the time!


  • Act like a kid

A good kid, I mean…lol

Really, some of us could lighten up a bit. Yes, we’re adults. And yes, the stress of jobs, economy, money, family, property, kids, etc, can really leave you with little time or energy to smile.

I know the world ain’t all that happy of a place. But the truth is, it ain’t all that bad, either.


I get such a kick out of watching my son splash around in the swimming pool. Kids are so in the moment, with not a care in the world outside that very moment. His wallet can be sitting beside me with no money in it, and he doesn’t care. (He’ll care later when he wants a toy, but not when he’s in the pool!)

My point is, there’s always something to worry about. And those things will always be there. But don’t let it ruin every second of your day, because if you do, you’ll miss out on all of those little things that make your life really worth living.

  • Enjoy a Workout

I bet half of you just said, “Yeah, right!” And the other half of you said, “But I enjoy every workout!”

The first group of you will like this one, I promise. And the second group of you – you’re all a bunch of liars! Ha! (Just joking.)

I want you all to go to the gym, stroll through the doors, not rushed. I want you to leave your training notebook at home, or throw your programs in the trash. I want you to try new exercises, use machines you’ve never tried, and machines you don’t even think you like.

Then do a few of your favorite exercises. Do some cardio, but only if you feel like it. Do some abs, maybe stretch if the mood strikes.

Don’t count reps, don’t count sets, don’t time your rest periods. Just go with it.

It will be somewhat relaxing, somewhat fun and interesting. You’ll discover new things, and definitely have a good mental break. And you’ll most likely be a little sore the next day, in areas of your body that you never even knew you had.

Start Living!

Only you can take charge of all those details in your world that’ll make your life worth living. Consider this your wake-up call; snap out of your routine, and start experiencing life.

You deserve that much.


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