7 Tricks to Stop a Binge in Its Tracks

It’s Friday night, you’ve had a really long week.

You just got into a disagreement with your significant other, and you’re spending the weekend around him — now you know it won’t be pleasant.

You’re upset, bored, and aren’t quite sure what to do other than… head over to your refrigerator and find something to “munch on.”

Once the munching begins, it doesn’t seem to end for hours.

You keep on eating, and eating, and you sense being full… but the feeling doesn’t do much to help you stop.

So what can you do to stop before you even start?

Outside of quitting your job and trading in your guy for someone a little less stressful, what else can you do?

Life has a way of serving up plenty of reasons to stress — but that doesn’t mean that stress has to lead you straight to your binge!

Your reaction is what has to change.

That’s the key to stopping the vicious cycle.

After all, you know that the binging you do will leave you feeling empty inside, adding additional stress with which it’s even more difficult to cope.

Not only that, it may result in a cycle where you’re overtraining in an attempt to make up for the binging, and crash dieting — resulting in more overeating. It just doesn’t end!

7 Tricks You Can Use

There are a number of different things that can be done in order to prevent stress binging from taking place in the first place, and some of them work effectively — as long as they’re done before the binging even begins.

They mostly involve distraction and calming your nerves — and even if you don’t feel that the following can help you, I highly recommend giving them a shot anyway.

You just may be surprised at how well they work.


1. Meditation

This is, without a doubt, one of the most effective ways of reducing your stress.

Many people consider meditation to be a spiritual experience, but it doesn’t need to be something difficult or out of the ordinary in order to work well.

Simply sitting in a quiet space (even a closet will work if you live with noisy roommates), and reflecting on positive things is enough to clear the mind and allow the stress to ease away.

Many times, people find it effective to give themselves the first hour of the day to take it easy and simply relax.

Even if it means rising a little bit earlier, it’s often very much worth it as you’ll begin your day with a positive and relaxed mindset.

No matter how tough the day ends up being, you’ll be much less likely to overreact or be stressed to the point of binging by day’s end.

Enjoy your breakfast in peace, take the time to relax and to enjoy a calm mind.

Positive thoughts lead to positive behavior!

dessert teas

2. Herbal or Dessert tea

Sure it’s simple, but it WORKS!

When you’re stressed and in the mood to munch, making yourself a cup of herbal tea will calm you in more ways than one.

Just think about it: All of your senses are indulged — you’ll smell the calming herbal scent, you’ll taste the delicious tea, you’ll touch its warmth and hear yourself sipping on it.

If you get good tea, you’ll get to see the tea leaves open up — quite entertaining, actually.

Not sure what tea to try? You can’t go wrong with these selections I personally enjoy.


3. Get outside!

Snowed in?

Grab a shovel and clear your driveway!

Sunny out?

Go for a walk.

Dark and chilly?

Dress warm, grab your iPod, and go for a quick jog.

Had enough cardio for the day?

Go for a drive!

Don’t own a car?

Take the bus to the nearest mall and browse around!

There are NO excuses.

There’s always stuff to do outdoors, and when you just know you’ll binge if you stay home alone, it’s best to find your distractions outside!

call your bff

4. Call a friend

We’re all too busy to stay in touch with old friends these days.

When you’re feeling weak AND have the time to act on those binging tendencies, a quick chat with a friend will come in handy in more ways than one.

It’ll serve as stress relief and a distraction, in one.

You’ll be much less likely to think of food once you’re off the phone.

do your nails

5. Do your nails

You can’t eat until they’re dry!!

By the time they are, chances are good that your intense urge will have passed.

The extra benefit is nicely manicured hands.

start a journal

6. Journal

You’re feeling stressed and emotional, which is why you want to binge in the first place.

Why eat if you could just express your emotions?

That’s what you really want and need to do, and there’s no better way than by journaling!

Not only will getting your feelings out by typing them out therapeutic, but you’ll also find support from lots of girls who are likely going through similar experiences.

What’s better than that?!

Alternatively you could join our Members-Only Happy, Awesome, Confident Community for even more support!

facebook games

7. Play some online games!

When all else seems to fail, a simple, quick, and fun distraction may be just what the doctor ordered

Facebook and other sites are full of various fun games.

You’ll forget all about those cravings and stress once you start getting yourself distracted.

It works, just give it a shot!

Got your own relaxation or distraction tips?

I’d love to here them so share them with us on our Facebook Community!


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5 thoughts on “7 Tricks to Stop a Binge in Its Tracks

  1. KKKRRR says:

    Some days when I need a distraction (be it that Im hungry or just plain bored and need some motivation) I head to you tube, and watch some crazy intense workout video. It usually makes me so excited and motivated that any of the bad thoughts or boredness subsides!

    Another thing I do– I clean something. It kills two birds with one stone. Clean house and a great distraction. I usually turn on a music channel on TV and jam out while I clean. Lol!

  2. Christine says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy – it’s like this article was MADE for me, haha! Thanks so much for this, these are great tips. I forgot about the herbal tea, I used to drink vanilla rooibos tea all the time and it would curb my cravings/binge tendencies.

    Here’s to a binge-free 15 weeks!

  3. Nicole says:

    WOW! this article came right when I needed it…Stopping a binge can be so hard. Gotta take it one day at a time!
    One of my binge-stoppers is logging on to OL…helps keep me focused 🙂

  4. Cait says:

    I find that when I accept the stress instead of trying to pretend that I don’t feel that way that I am less likely to use eating as a distraction from my emotions. Sometimes I just need to allow myself to feel my emotions and acknowlege them in order to deal with them instead of dismissing them.

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