Are You Living Your EXTRAORDINARY life? Are You Worth It?

am i worth it

One of my clients, Lynn, and I were chatting about a topic that’s near and dear to most of our hearts.

With her permission, I wanted to put it out there because I feel we can all benefit from exploring it.

Hope you have a minute to think about it with me…

You see, Lynn has always had a very busy life.

She’s a mother of three, her husband’s a Marine, and she got married real young (wasn’t even 20 yet).

She’s still young, but it’s been 17 years since the birth of her first baby. She’s just now starting to realize that she’s put herself and her own health and body goals last for these past 17 years!

What’s worse, is that when she first reached out to me, she was utterly convinced that it’s “too late” to start taking care of her emotional and physical well being!

Kept asking me, “Am I worth it?”

She’s quite unhealthy now, but remembers that all those years ago, she wanted more than anything to be a fitness model.

She wanted to be the one of her large group of friends with the most enviable body!

Yeah, that sounds a little shallow… but which of us wouldn’t want that if we’re honest with ourselves?!

And now, she thinks it’s TOO LATE!!

For the past 17 years, she’s gradually let this feeling of hopelessness get to the core of her being. Her body has suffered as a result, sure… but so has her mind, and even more importantly, her spirit!

Once you let yourself get defeated on that spiritual level, it can be difficult to so much as get out of bed in the morning, never mind pursue a new passion or begin to transform your life in some significant way.

And once you can no longer summon up that passion, all hope feels pretty much gone, doesn’t it?

I’m convinced that this is the reason a whopping 97% of the people in this country are leading unhealthy lives!

There must be a reason only 3% of us are actually healthy.

And it always starts from the inside out!

Think about the fact that if you aren’t putting forth any effort to take care of yourself.

You also aren’t motivated to push yourself into the career of your dreams, pursue any fulfilling new hobbies, or experience any other type of growth that would transform your life from ordinary, into one that’s EXTRAORDINARY.

… and it all goes back to the fact that you happen to think that it’s too late. That you wish you’d started earlier, that you feel you don’t think you have the patience to achieve your goals, or that you may feel you aren’t worth it.

Take it from someone who’s seen tens of thousands of women transform their mediocre lives into incredible ones: You CAN do it! The patience WILL pay off. And most importantly of all…


Am I worth it? YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Take a piece of paper right now, and write your most important goal down on it.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve waited to put it into action, because today is a new day. This moment is brand new.

Write it down, and allow yourself to deeply realize that you can make it happen. You WILL make it happen, because you owe it to yourself to do so.

It is not too late, because it never is!

Tomorrow, two weeks from now, three months from now, four years from now will get here whether you take action or not.

The only decision you get to make, is whether you’d like to be ordinary, or extraordinary when that time rolls around.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You’ll still be here.

Why not be AMAZING in whatever way you’d like?!

If your goal entails being healthier, hotter, more confident, or happier with your body and health, then you’ll want to become a part of our HAC community.

It stands for Happy, Awesome, Confident for good reason — once you follow its principles, that is what you will become!

Regardless of your specific goals, get to living, my loves.

You only get one life.

Now stop asking “Am I worth it?” and go…

Make sure you’re sincerely happy in every way possible!

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