Bikini Competition Shortcuts – The Easy Way

“Doing your best means never stop trying.” ~Unknown


While there are so many different facets of doing a bikini competition or figure competition that keep so many women from every taking the leap I wanted to make a short reference guide to try and help as much as possible.

I remember when thinking about competing in my first competition and being so overwhelmed with fear of not knowing where to turn I almost gave up. I suffered so much anxiety it wasn’t even funny.

Hopefully these 6 quick tips help answer a ton of questions you may have before your first competition or simply still confused about even after competing a couple times. Oh how I wish I had this list when I first started out. It would have made my decision to compete so much easier, removed 90% of my stress and prevented me from giving up again and again before deciding to do one of the most memorable and rewarding things in my life.

Let’s help you demystify some bikini competition topics that can leave even the most experienced of us completely confused.

I know this is a lot to take in so bookmark this link, share it with your friends, print it and keep this cheat sheet handy for reference.

Let’s get started and go over the fun details of the show itself…


Tip# 1: THE SUIT

The suit will have to be ordered within the next couple of weeks. Once you find some suits you like you should always email ma friend or your prep coach some ideas/looks you like, and they should help you narrow them down. You could even start a poll on your Facebook page to see which suit wins!

Here are some of my favorite suit designer sites to get you started:

Be very careful buying suits from random websites as more often then not you will not be happy with your suit. There are some scammy websites that use glitter instead of rhinestones and the price reflects it. Trust me, you will not be happy with glitter and neither will the judges!! You 100% get what you pay for with your suit so do not try and save money on it. How much do you think national competitors and pros spend on their suits? Definitely not $200 bucks on a glitter suit.

Make sure your suit designer gets back to you right away. Good customer service is a sure sign you will have fewer problems with the end product. Also always ask about guarantees and their return, refit policy as well.


With the shoes, you’ll want to get HIGH heels that are clear fully, and begin to walk in them ASAP so that you’re completely comfortable in them. Some examples for you:

Again, you’ll want heels as high as possible, with a platform that’s as low as possible… and no colors of any kind anywhere, all clear. Once you’ve found a pair that looks good to you, grab em’ up, wear them around the house and make sure they work!

Tip #3: POSING

Definitely the most difficult to grasp out of every single thing necessarily to compete. It can completely make or break your entire stage presence and thus your placing. You’ll want to be completely confident in your presentation on stage, and posing is a big part of this. Its one of the most important aspects of your show so always keep practicing and make any adjustments necessary.

Here’s a basic guide to posing you should check out:

And here’s a great little article so you have a better understanding of it:

I’d also recommend checking out some pro bikini competition videos and watching the competitors to see how they move; find a style you like and emulate it — see if you can make it your own. Here’s a good one:

The ENTIRE time, you need to have a smile on your face and look happy to be there. That’s a huge part of stage presentation, so please get used to practicing that.

What I’d like for you to do, is begin practicing posing based on the above videos. Take 10 minutes EACH day and start hitting those poses.

I’d like for you to videotape your presentation at some point, and email it to friends so you can go over it together and make sure you’re looking good. In the meantime, make sure you’re hitting those poses in your mirror constantly — You can correct them as necessary and have your friends or a great bikini competition coach make sure you aren’t memorizing anything incorrectly.

One idea is that over the next few weeks, you video tape your posing. Then you will get the opportunity to fine tune and correct your body positioning as necessary until it’s looking flawless in time for stage.


I’d contact the promoter of your show and find out whether there will be a spray tanning company on premises that’ll take care of your tan. If so, you’ll want to contact them asap and set up your appointment.

It’s always nice to have that done so you don’t have to worry about it, because self tanning can be quite a hassle for these events.

If there will not be a tanning company on site, you’ll want to let me know asap so we can make sure you have everything you need (including the process itself) to do this yourself over the last few days.


Do you feel comfortable doing your own makeup, complete with false lashes, for stage? It’s basically just heavily applied makeup with lots of contouring and lots of focus on the eyes. If you think you may be able to do it but you aren’t sure, I’d suggest practicing so you feel comfortable with it… you can also send your friends or coach pictures and they’ll help you get it perfect!


You may want a sparkly bracelet and some earrings for stage; doesn’t have to be expensive, there’s plenty of custom jewelry out there if you don’t already own anything you think will work for this. One good site to get cheap rhinestone jewelry is here:


I know this is a lot to take in… so don’t let it overwhelm you, but do get started on all of these points. Hopefully you find this guide helpful but clients know I’m here if you need anything at all, so please let me know if you have questions about anything.


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