Cheesy Chicken Bacon Roll-Ups With Veggie Puree

Dry chicken breast. Boy can it get old, fast — especially when you’ve been eating it for four of your six meals, daily, for the past three months! Here is an awesome way, not to mention completely guilt-free and ZERO carbs to mix things up!


Give this baby a try:


Chicken Breasts
Roasted Veggie Puree (Puree whatever leftover roasted vegies you have in the fridge.)
Bacon Pieces


Preheat the over to 360 degrees.

Cut the chicken breast in half length-wise, so you end up with two fillets; cover them with plastic wrap and flatten with a meat mallet, so the chicken becomes thinner.  Spread the roasted veggie puree over the chicken and top with bacon pieces and cheese.

Roll up the chicken and secure with a skewer. Bake at 360 F (or 180 cel)  for 30 minutes. Serve with veggies on the side.

Let us know if you love this recipe as much as we do!

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