Let Me Clear My Throat


have mercy babe…

I hope you don’t mind…

Been getting some emails the past couple days from subscribers asking the same questions and wanted to clear up a couple things…

But let’s face it, the fitness industry is built around lies and misinformation. With everyone just trying to make a quick buck without even thinking about what potential affects they could be having on someone’s long term health.

Don’t blame the player, blame the game.

The fact is that 95% of all diets fail, with the participant regaining every gram of weight they lost.

Why? I’ll tell you why… hold your horses…

I can totally understand every single person male or female frustrated by lack of results. I was there myself 15 years ago going from 95lbs to 180lbs.

Listing to all the “Free” information and gurus claiming their “diet” was the best. Never worked… never will.

Why? Because its not enough to have a plan to follow.

Everything about a fitness program has to work in sync for it to be optimally effective. Misadjust one component and the results can come to a screeching halt.

What if that same plan gets someone else results while you are doing everything right but not seeing anything different? What are you supposed to do? Give up?

Its NOT your fault.. its not what you do but HOW you adjust it as you progress or even don’t progress. What adjustments do you make? Why? make too little and nothing happens, make too many and nothing good happens.

Its not enough to get a program and blindly follow it… how does that program make adjustments overtime as your body adjusts…

THAT is the key.

We are all different and have different goals. How can you follow the same “diet” and not change anything?

Answer: You can’t – you HAVE to do what your body needs… and THAT”s what my Happy, Awesome, Confident bikini body coaching is all about.

Everyone adjusts their plan differently based on likes/dislikes, metabolism, hormones, lifestyle, schedule, etc..

Some people need to make slower adjustments, some need fast adjustments…

Some people have 10 pounds to lose, some want to gain muscle while others just want to learn to be healthy.

Some need to lose 100lbs and want to do an eventual bikini or figure competition.

How do you adjust the program over time to accomplish that?

Easy — the meal plan link below shows you how!


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