Crystal Achieves Her Goal the Vegetarian Way

I think the before and after pictures speak for themselves. I started working with Olesya in June of 2014 and did my show in October of 2014 (just to have a time reference). Also, you can tell how I had no confidence in the before pictures versus the after pics 🙂

I am Crystal Chittenden, 35 years old and have been an RN since 2011. I have always struggled with my weight, even as a little girl. Although weight has been an issue, I have always had a passion for exercise and can remember doing things like Sweating to the Oldies, and Tae Bo. lol. 🙂 I have a husband that is in the Navy and we travel quite a bit for his occupation.


What motivates you to tackle your fitness goals? Feel free to talk about your athletic background, health goals, competition endeavors, modeling goals, etc.

My biggest motivation is my family history of disease related to obesity. We have everything from Type 2 Diabetes to heart disease. When my mother passed of cancer in 2001, I used food as my coping mechanism and eventually was 200lbs. I decided to never look back when I saw this number on the scale. So here I am! I’m always looking for a challenge and ways to reach higher levels. I want to compete in a triathlon before we leave Guam and do another figure competition in 2 years. I have completed 2 half marathons and would love to do a full in the future.



What has been your proudest fitness accomplishment to date? May involve completing a show, doing a shoot, being in great shape at a special event, improving health, inspiring loved ones, etc.

Definitely seeing through my goal of doing a figure competition. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but so rewarding.



What do you love most about the fitness lifestyle and being in shape?

I love knowing how healthy my body is and that I am giving myself a better chance of a longer life. I also love feeling confident.



What’s been the hardest obstacle to overcome in your path to reaching your goals?

Honestly, my issue with binge eating. It is a struggle I will have for the rest of my life. When I am stressed, I crave food. I think it’s similar to any drug addiction out there, but I refuse to let it conquer me! 🙂



Tell us about your future goals and dreams, relating to fitness or otherwise.

Definitely another show, triathlon, marathon, and maybe a photo shoot if I get the guts 😉



What’s your favorite “clean” meal or food item? List as many as you like!

Other than when I was show prepping, I eat a vegan diet. When I show prepped I used egg whites because lack of supplement resources on Guam. So, I feel I am really easy to please. I love fresh veggies, tofu steak, and some quinoa.



Your preferred treat meal?

Pizza and Mexican Food! What more can I say?



What type of training do you like best? *You can specify type of program split, whether you prefer weights or cardio and what kind, other physical activities you enjoy, etc.

I love lifting! I feel strong and adore the shape my body takes on when I am consistent with it. I also love road races because I am always looking to make beat a PR.



What kind of music helps motivate you in the gym? *Specify if none; otherwise, feel free to mention anything from type of music, to name of artist or specific songs.

I’m currently hooked on Rob Bailey. Nothing like a little angry music to get you moving!



Your favorite motivational quote. What thought helps you get moving when exercising is the last thing on your mind?

Every time I am struggling with working out, I watch this video: Welcome to the Grind – – Never has been unsuccessful in motivating me!



What’s the best piece of advice you can offer someone who’s looking to get in shape or reach her fitness goals?

Stick with it. There are going to be days that you want to give up and it seems impossible, but results come from consistency and hard work. There is just no getting around that. There are no magic pills or exercise programs. Also, keep people around you that want you to succeed.


If there are any people you’d like to thank for helping you on your journey, do so here!

My husband, Jake. He has been my biggest fan and supporter. Without him, I am not sure I would have believed in myself the way I do now. Of course Olesya! She kept me honest, was realistic, and gave me hope 🙂



Would you recommend Olesya’s coaching services to others? If so, please describe what made your experience positive. If not, why not?

Yes, I would! She is always an open book and answers all questions very quickly. I love that she has all the answers and encourages you to contact her with anything! Who does that?! 🙂 She worked with my vegan/vegetarian diet as well. She kept my workout programs exciting too!


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