Dekel Takes 1st Place

Share some personal information about yourself. What defines you? What are you passionate about?

I’m 21 years old and my love for fitness began at age 14 after losing my mother to breast cancer. Working out became an outlet for me and a way to clear my mind. I loved pushing my limits, I loved the discipline it gave me and I loved knowing that daily I was creating a better version of myself.

My facebook page is “Dekel Raven Nesbitt”

What motivates you to tackle your fitness goals? Feel free to talk about your athletic background, health goals, competition endeavors, modeling goals, etc.

I’m motivated every day to chase my fitness goals because  when I put my mind to doing something NOTHING stands in my way. My family is very into fitness so they support and encourage me as well. I hope to inspire people to set their eyes and mind on their goals and just go after them, whether they be fitness related or not. I want to continue to compete as long as I can stay true to who I am, enjoy the process and have fun. I hope to one day be a fitness model as well  Wherever the sport/industry leads me and whatever God has planned for my life will unfold in due time.

What has been your proudest fitness accomplishment to date?

My proudest fitness moment to date was the Bahamas Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation Nationals held on August 8th. I took home some awsome hardware winning the novice division and Open C class.


What do you love most about the fitness lifestyle and being in shape?

I love learning about the human body and what its capable of. It’s so cool to look back and see how far I’ve come, especially on days when I feel like I’m not my best I can look back a few weeks and see my body transformation and it reminds me to trust the process.


What’s been the hardest obstacle to overcome in your path to reaching your goals?

The hardest obstacle was time management. I’m a very busy body but once I accepted that I would have to make the time to do what I needed to, to get where I needed to be I was fine


Tell us about your future goals and dreams, relating to fitness or otherwise.

I hope to one day model, be a sponsored athlete and host a traveling bootcamp program. I think that combines my love for fitness,  beauty, health and travel .


What’s your favorite “clean” meal or food item?

I love ground turkey meatballs and stir fry

Your preferred treat meal?

Conch burger with french fries

What type of training do you like best?

I’m not a huge fan or cardio but I love the feeling I have after I’m done but I love lifting heavy

What kind of music helps motivate you in the gym?

Crazy enough I love to listen to slow r&b everyone thinks its so weird but it gets me in my zone

Your favorite motivational quote. What thought helps you get moving when exercising is the last thing on your mind?

( I want to inspire someone, I want someone to look at me and say,” because of you I didnt give up ” ) 
Thoughts that help me through “those kind of days” are just reminding myself I have somewhere to go and that the person who will share the stage with me is probably working their butt off so I need to as well.

What’s the best piece of advice you can offer someone who’s looking to get in shape or reach her fitness goals?

Be consistent, be realistic, be disciplined, do it for you, and have fun

If there are any people you’d like to thank for helping you on your journey, do so here!

I want to thank my family, my friends, everyone who sent encouraging words and of course Olesya !


Would you recommend Olesya’s coaching services to others? If so, please describe what made your experience positive. If not, why not?

I would definitely recommend Olesya’s services. She was professional, knowledgeable, and sincere. I never felt like just another client. She always took the time to explain things to me and if I would take longer than usual to check in with her she would send a little note to check up on me. The diet and workout plans were effective and easy to follow and intense. I saw the results I needed that helped me rock the stage and have a great time doing it. I think enjoying the process and having fun is very important and Olesya ensured that I was able to see results while having fun.

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