Don’t Forget To Flush: Are You Down With The “OGB”?

Been trying out this detox cleanse that seems like a great idea to do before starting on any new diet or exercise program. Been trying it out and having family and frieds do it and watching how well it worked. It is primarily a gallbladder flush, but is awesome for your whole system. Having trouble…um… going to the bathroom? See if this helps. I have seen people lose anywhere from 5-10lbs after doing this.



The “OGB Cleanse” Steps:

Olesya-Gall-Bladder-Cleanse  =-)


1. For one whole day you are to eat nothing but green apples. You can eat one every hour of the day, but eat plenty! If you are hungry just eat another green apple.

2. While you are eating the apples you are to drink plenty of water. At least a gallon to help flush everything out.

3. Before you go to bed…THIS IS CRUCIAL– you must drink 2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil with a shot of lemon juice.

4. Chase it down with a 8-12 oz of any soda of your liking. Heck you can even use flavored seltzer. I know it sounds gross, but its not that bad. The carbonation in the soda will help remove the oily film left by the olive oil

5. You must sleep on your right side with your knees drawn up to your chest.

6. Wake up in the morning and eliminate like you never have before!

From what I have seen of this total body detox cleanse, it will flush you CLEAN of toxins and other debris in your system that can cause health issues as well as affect your bodies ability to absorb food properly.  This isn’t for everyone though. You need to make sure it works with your diet plan, any allergies and its a good idea to always ask your doctor before doing any cleanse.

You are now down with the “OGB”!  Now get flushing!




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