Featured OL Member: Drexel Long

Many of you know Drexel Long as Ms. Guns. She is a recognizable face because she’s pretty much everywhere in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. This three-time natural Pro grew up loving fitness and has turned her passion into a successful career.

By setting attainable goals and pushing herself to do greater, grow stronger, and work harder, Drexel has quickly become a great name in female natural bodybuilding. It was my pleasure to get to know Drexel, and here is what she had to say:

OliciousLife.com: Let’s start out by learning a little bit about you. Where were you born and where do you live now?

Drexel Long: I was born in Philadelphia, but traveled the world because my dad was in the army. I currently live in Houston, Texas.

OL: Was your family health-conscious growing up? If so, how did this affect your views as an adult? If not, when did you decide to make changes?

DL: Yes, my family was health conscious while I was going up. I’ve always been an athlete, since elementary school.

OL: What has been your greatest fitness/health accomplishment? How did you feel when reaching this goal?

DL: My greatest fitness/health accomplishment was competing as a Pro in three natural drug free federations. It was a great accomplishment because not too many people can say they’ve done the same.

OL: Were you active or an athlete as a child? If so, did this stick with you all the way through, or did you have a period when you were inactive? If not, when did you decide to start training?

DL: Yes, I was active and an athlete as a child. I’ve been playing sports since elementary school. I started running track in seventh grade and stopped in 2000. I also played field hockey in High School. I took one year off before getting into bodybuilding.


OL: Is your family supportive of your goals? If so, in what ways? If not, how do you overcome this obstacle?

DL: Yes, my family is very supportive of my goals. They support me in my competitions by attending or helping financially.

OL: What has been the biggest challenge with your fitness and dieting goals? How do you stay focused?

DL: My biggest challenge with my fitness and dieting goals would have to be early morning cardio and eating the same foods over and over again. I stay focus by remembering I am trying to look my best the day of the show.

OL: Where do you see yourself in the future of fitness?

DL: In the future I see myself as a working sports model and a host for different competitions and fitness related events, as well as a competitive Crossfit athlete.

OL: What is your favorite clean eat?

DL: I love turkey and rice meals.

OL: Do you have an irresistible cheat?

DL: I love oatmeal cookies and brownies.

OL: What is your favorite workout day? Why? Describe a typical training regimen in that day.

DL: My favorite workout day would be any day I train arms, shoulders and back. I love working those out. I normally do 3-4 different exercises, either straight sets or supersets — 15-20 reps or until failure.

OL: What do you do for peri-workout nutrition?

DL: Pre-workout nutrition I eat a carb meal or drink a carb drink.

OL: Do you have any favorite supplements? If so, what are they and why do you take them?

DL: My favorite supplements are BSN Synthia 6, Hyperbolic, Karbolyn, Liquid multi vitamins, Liquid glucosamine, Body By Vi’s Vi-Shape protein shake and NEURO energy drink.

OL: What is the best compliment you have received since you started training?

DL: That I’m an “inspiration to others.” Also, when women recognize me because they saw me online or in a magazine.

OL: Do you have any websites, blogs, or event dates you would like to share or promote? (even personal dates can be shared such as weddings, births, anniversaries, ect).

DL: I have my personal website, here; and my 90 day fitness challenge site that anybody can join, here.

OL: Is there an event in your life that you can attribute to your success (birth of a child, health scare, ect)?

DL: There isn’t an event in my life that attributes to my success. I’ve always been an athlete and never gave up. Giving 100% in anything and everything I do and always have reachable goals.

OL: What is a quote that inspires you?

DL: I have a lot of inspiring quotes, but “If you have it flaunt it,” is my favorite.

OL: Is there anything else you would like to share to help empower other women?

DL: Get in better shape for YOU. You don’t have to compete to show your hard work. If you compete, compete for yourself, not the judges, and don’t let places make you who you are. YOU make the federation; it does not make you. Don’t let yourself go, stay in shape.

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