Featured OL Member: Kristine Rasmussen

Interviewed by Kellie Davis

Kristine Rasmussen has an outward glow that can light up any room. Her drive toward ultimate health and wellness will inspire anyone who sits down and has a conversation with her. After she competed in her first WBFF bikini show in Calgary, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing this up-and-coming bikini competitor to learn about her fitness philosophy.


OliciousLife.com: Let’s start out by learning a little bit about you. Where were you born and where do you live now?

Kristine Rasmussen: I was born in Saskatchewan, Canada and have been here ever since. I used to think I wanted to move somewhere more “exciting” but every time I leave home, I miss it!

OL: How does your family view health and fitness? Did this carry over from childhood, or did you have to learn a new approach as an adult?

KR: Growing up, my family was always quite active. My sister any I figure skated competitively for 10 years. I was also raised on the farm so I have always known how to work hard. I love working outside and keeping busy, so when I moved away from home to attend post secondary schooling, the first thing I purchased(honestly) was my gym membership.

My mom always tried to provide my sister and I with healthy food choices while growing up. I remember playing barbies with my sister and getting excited when my mom would come in with a bowl of fresh cut fruit. I was always a very pickey eater and never had any weight issues as a kid.

OL: What has been your greatest fitness/health accomplishment?

KR: Stepping on stage this past Saturday was my greatest accomplishment. I love working out and living a healthy active lifestyle and competing is something that I have always wanted to do.


OL: When did you decide to start training and what encouraged you to do so?

KR: When I decided to quit figure skating, I missed being active. My muscles I had developed from skating where beginning to disappear, and I couldn’t let that happen.

OL: Who is the biggest influence/support in your life and why?

KR: Besides my parents, my sister and my boyfriend, my coach Olesya is a HUGE influence and support for me. She is incredible and I cant even begin to explain all of the ways she has helped me out.

OL: What has been the biggest challenge with your fitness and dieting goals? How do you stay focused?

KR: My biggest obstacle this year was identifying my food intolerance.  After months of nausea, fatigue, severe digestive issues, and water retention, I FINALLY discovered that I have a gluten intolerance. On top of this I have realized that my body does not respond well to dairy. Ever since pin-pointing these issues, my appearance, mood, and health has improved dramatically.

OL: Where do you see yourself in the future of fitness?

KR: I plan to continue with my healthy and active lifestyle for the rest of my life. I hope to continue competing for now and give my self something fun to work for!


OL: What is your favorite clean eat?

KR: I love a nice bowl of romaine lettuce topped with chopped chicken breast, green onions, udo’s oil and a sprinkle of sea salt!!!

OL: Do you have an irresistible cheat?

KR: I never really crave junk at all, and with a gluten intolerance, my choices are somewhat limited. BUT, I do love a mixture of raisins and nuts for a treat.

OL: What is your favorite workout day? Why? Describe a typical training regimen in that day.

KR: I love ALL workout days. My training style is mostly full body workouts, metabolic circuits, and other high intensity/short duration workouts. I like to work hard and get OUT. None of my workouts last longer than 30-45 min.

OL: What do you always eat before and after your workout?

KR: I dont have any specific pre or post workout meals. I have not noticed any difference in recovery or progress with doing so. Keep it simple.

OL: Do you have any favorite supplements? If so, what are they and why do you take them?

KR: I only take a multivitamin, and Vit D in the winter. I personally dont believe supplements are necessary if you have a proper diet.

OL: What is a quote that inspires you?

KR: The future is always beginning NOW.

OL: Is there anything else you would like to share to help empower other women?

KR: Stop thinking about what you COULD have done in the past. You are in control of your actions from this moment forward, make them count. Don’t wait for tomorrow. A goal without action is nothing more than a dream!


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