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Is all of this exciting suit selection firing up your desire to step on stage, but not sure where to begin?

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We understand; it’s a confusing industry full of organizations, divisions, schedules, rules, and regulations… any of which can be hard to research on your own!

We’ve spent countless hours up all night to compile the following list of very useful resources as a means of kick-starting your research. Have anything to contribute or add? Please contact us anytime!

Bikini, Figure, Fitness and Physique Competition Resources


NPC: — This is the largest amateur organization in the USA, and is the only way to IFBB Professional status in the US. NPC competitions tend to be the most popular among the US competitors, and are therefore generally competitive.

Each regional show is sponsored by a different, independent promoter; you’ll want to contact this individual for specific show information (contact information will be listed beneath show name in the NPC Calendar listing, along with date and location).

Click here for NPC Rules and Regulations

Click here for NPC Competition Schedules

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IFBB: — The original professional physique committee, this is the organization for pros in the US, with some amateur divisions throughout the world — most notably in the UK and Australia.

Click here for a general list of the largest IFBB events.

Click here for IFBB Europe.

Click here for IFBB Australia.

Click here for IFBB Asia.

Note: In the US, in order to become an IFBB competitor, you’ll first have to achieve high rankings in the NPC, linked above.

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INBA: —INBA is the largest natural organization in the world, with affiliations with several other natural organizations. It does drug test extensively, banning several supplement categories — including most fat burners.

It’s also comprised of about a dozen different divisions, encompassing everything from a bikini division created specifically for moms, to a division for the physically challenged, all the way down to kids’ and teens’ fitness divisions. There’s something for everything with the INBA!

Click here for rules and regulations for this organization.

Click here for contest schedule.

*Note: Specific division information may be found by scrolling over the “Divisions” tab on their home page.

Click here for INBA Australia.

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NGA: —Founded in 1986, this is the original “natural” organization for bodybuilding competitions. Having since added fitness, figure, and bikini divisions, its base of members is expanding quickly!

Encompassing both amateur and professional divisions within the same organization, it is currently one of the largest natural organizations with contests spanning the US.

Click here for general division rules and regulations.

Click here for amateur schedule and contact information.

Click here for professional event information.

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CBFF: —The one and only Canadian organization that’s federally recognized for amateur bodybuilding, as well as the only way to qualify for an IFBB card through Canada.

CBFF events are highly competitive, and for good reason – they’re judged by qualified national judges, and are for those athletes who are looking to get to the next level of physique competition.

Click here for rules and regulations (complete rules for specific divisions are available in downloadable PDF files — please look for them in the upper right-hand corner of this same page).

Click here for a list of the largest CBFF events.


Muscle Mania: —One of the fastest growing and best publicized organizations featuring events all over the world, televised competitions, and producing some of the most recognizable faces in the fitness industry.

Muscle Mania athletes are featured on covers of fitness magazines more frequently than those competing with just about any other organization! All Muscle Mania events are drug-tested; this is a “natural” organization.

Click here for contest information for the figure division, and here for general qualifications information.

Click here for event schedule and contact information.

Click here for Muscle Mania Europe.

Click here for Muscle Mania Latino.

Click here for Muscle Mania Australia.

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WBFF: —This organization is relatively new in the fitness world — and it seems to have taken it by storm, with its ample prize amounts and beautifully organized shows.

WBFF was originated by a former IFBB professional, in search of something “bigger and better.” His organization found success quickly, with WBFF competitions currently taking place in every part of the world. This division encompasses both amateur and professional divisions.

Click here for their available divisions and judging criteria.

Click here for their very useful FAQ page.

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OCB: —The OCB, along with the two organizations to follow (the NANBF and IFPA Pro, listed below), are united under The Natural Muscle Network

This particular organization is the first one started by the NMN, as one of the original all-natural, drug tested platforms in the USA. The OCB is the amateur platform to the IFPA Pro qualification within the NMN.

Click here for a breakdown of the OCB guidelines and division rules.

Click here for their schedule of events.

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NANBF: —The North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation is part of The Natural Muscle Network, along with the OCB (listed above) and the IFPA (description to follow). It is one of the largest natural organizations in the USA, introducing some of the industry’s top natural athletes annually.

Click here for division descriptions.

Click here for the NANBF event calendar.

Division-specific information for women’s physique may be found here; for the figure division, click here; and for bikini division, click here .

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IFPA Pro: —This is the professional organization under The Natural Muscle Network. To become a member of the IFPA Pro, with eligibility to compete under this organization, an athlete must first qualify under the OCB (referenced above).

Click here for general guidelines and eligibility.

Click here for schedule of events.

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Fitness Atlantic: —Celebrating the sexy, healthy, fit physique, the Fitness Atlantic is the only organization on our list that does not include bodybuilding divisions, opting instead for the more balanced physiques of fitness models — both male and female.

This fast-growing division is quickly gaining attention, as its athletes are comprised of some of the most in-demand models of the fitness industry. It has also teamed up with the WBFF, with many of their events being co-organized.

Click here for division rules and regulations.

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FAME: —The Body Proud organization, FAME provides a body-mind-spirit approach to their events with a very unique feel. If you think every division looks alike, you’ll find that FAME has a very refreshing appeal, offering a change up from the usual posing and outfit requirements.

FAME events are drug tested and take place throughout the world.

Click here for information on how to compete with FAME.

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NPA: —The Natural Physique Association is a natural, drug-free organization encompassing both amateur and professional bodybuilding, physique, figure, and bikini divisions. Its shows are generally well organized, with supportive staff and promoters.

Click here for figure, fitness, and bikini division rules and regulations.

Schedule of events may be found by scrolling down the home page, here

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UNBA: —One of the smaller organization in the natural, drug tested events arena. The UNBA stresses the importance of physical fitness, wellness, and health – not just a fit appearance. They’re also one of the very few organizations with “Grandmaster” and “Ultramaster” divisions for competitors who are over 50, and over 60 years of age, respectively.

Click here for rules and qualification requirements.

Click here for a listing of promoters and events.

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ANB: —An Australian organization, it’s one of the best established one having been formed in 1983. While their events are competitive, they’re well known for being well organized and fun for the participating athletes — they’re also one of the very few organizations which include the mixed couples division!

Click here for ANB calendar of events.

Click here for the figure division information and rules.

Click here for the model division information and rules.

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NABBA: —If you’re in Australia, this is one of the largest natural organizations with which you can compete locally. It is also affiliated with the WFF, and allows for international qualifiers as described in this PDF file.

Click here for a list of NABBA events.

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While this list isn’t fully conclusive, it does include the vast majority of the more popular physique competition organizations around the world. Whichever organization you choose, don’t forget to share this information with us when ordering your suit (link to customize suit?) if you’re at all unsure about the stage suit rules and regulations of your chosen division.

We’re here to help in any way you can — have any questions or comments?

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