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  • 30 Different motivation and accountability ideas to help stay focused and on track to hitting fitness goals.
  • 88 awesome lean belly tips that leverage Olesya's 15 years of experience coaching bikini fitness models (takes all the guesswork out of nutritional strategies) and based on fitness bikini model transformations)...
  • Tips and ideas that get bikini competitors stronger, leaner, more toned and sculpted - without spending hours in the gym
  • Quick nutritional ideas and meal plan ideas that has shown to torch fat for up to 18 hours after eating these certain foods. (1)
  • 15 lean belly tips Olesya's clients use to boost their metabolism (Olesya's TOP strategies normally reserved only for her insider VIP clients that pay her $1000s of dollars per month for coaching)
  • 207 fitness tips include training tips, nutrition ideas, motivation, supplement tips and even lifestyle hacks that helped transform her clients to feel the ultimate body confidence in their skin!
  • Check in with coach Olesya Novik on social media to get feedback, support and continued motivation to complete the course.

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Olesya Novik

Olesya Novik is the CEO, Founder and Idea Incubator of the LBF Diet plan

Over the last 15 years Olesya and her team have: Invested both time and money running nutrition, training and motivation clinical tests.

Creating over 113,000 lean belly personal coaching clients… who went on to win competitions, get their dream bodies, improve their health and be a role model to their families, and… learning what works and what doesn't when it comes to being healthy and looking fabulous.

Olesya is also a highly sought after speaker and personal consultant whose work has impacted thousands of women in 27 different countries.

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