Great Grandma Kicks Your Butt

Another day.. another believer…


Today’s Q&A submission comes from a Facebook user Holly, who messaged me and asked:

“Hi Olesya, love reading all your stuff and saw all your unbelievable client transformations on your website. Problem is that I am 47, too old, out of shape, and 3 kids to take care of. I always dreamed of being a bikini competitor but is that even possible for a 47 year old. Is it too late?”

Well my 47 year young lady.  “The Olicious One” has some good news for you.

47 is just getting started! It takes the right tools, the right secrets, the right know how at any age whether you are 18 or 80. Have you seen the Masters Division in all the competitions across the country? There’s an over 50 division and some like men’s bodybuilding go up over 60.

Don’t let 100 year old Ida Keeling hear you say that 47 is “too old”. Yep.. she is over 100 and set a world record in the 100 meter dash, does yoga, pushups like its nothing.

So she clearly “drinks your milkshake” and could be your frickin’ Great Grandma! Don’t let her kick your butt…

Have you seen my coaching client Darla who is 51 has 5 kids and who just got started and is now a fitness model featured in Oxygen magazine and started her fitness business making $$$?

Its not age that matters, its “how bad do you want it”? Just gotta ask yourself… no baloney.  I won’t lie though, you need the right tools, secrets, tips and tricks. Listen to the lying ass fitness “guru” screaming on TV about how you can lose 200 lbs in 24 hours using his/her ab crunch rocker thingy thing. WTF? That’ aint gunna cut it other than to make your wallet lighter.

Don’t get me started on those crooks. Back to topic. Its truly all about following THE TRUTH about what works and what doesn’t. Its about EATING delicious foods you love, preparing recipes that the whole family can use, and working the program into your lifestyle whether you workout from home or the gym.

Don’t matter.. what matters is your consistency. How do you get consistent? You stay accountable, motivated, supported and on track!

How do you do that?

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