Lifestyle Coaching

Are you as happy and fulfilled as you deserve to be? Is this the case in every aspect of your life?

We’ve all gone through times in our lives where we’ve been unhappy with the circumstances, wished something had gone differently for us in some way, or hoped for things to turn out a certain way… and they didn’t. All of this is part of life, and there isn’t anything wrong with feeling upset or disappointed at what could have, should have, or might have been.

But what happens when this disappointment with general circumstances and life events begins to take a turn inward, attacking your very own self from the inside?

How many of us blame ourselves, consistently, for the various events that take place in our own lives?

How many of us can’t forgive ourselves for the actions or inactions of the past that have put us in less than favorable circumstances?

Above all, how many of us can’t find it within us to love ourselves the way we know we deserve to be loved?

Have you ever found yourself experiencing any of these feelings?

My personal experience leads me to believe that you have, as the majority of the thousands of people with whom I have worked over the years have experienced at the very least some of these emotions.

The emotions themselves aren’t as bad as the lasting impact they have on the person’s life over a period of time. Forgiveness of oneself, self love, and an open-minded perspective all result in a clear mind, centered, balanced outlook, and the focus each one of us needs to reach our fullest potential.

If you’ve ever wondered why you aren’t where you thought you’d be in life by now, or what you aren’t doing what you believe you were meant to do for a living; if you aren’t sure what it is exactly that would make your existence fulfilling, why you don’t have that special person supporting you through your goals, or why you’re simply unhappy — despite seemingly having everything one needs for happiness…

…the answer is within you, and it’s within easy reach!

As a licensed, experienced Life Coach, Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Nationally Certified Hypnotist, and a master Hypnotherapist, I am equipped with the ability to provide you with every tool you need to achieve absolute happiness in your life, regardless of what this means to you.

My current Life Coaching certifications are as follows:

  • NLP Master Practitioner with The Society of NLP
  • Hypnotist with National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Sports Hypnotist with National Guild of Hypnotists
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with NBCCH
  • NLP Practitioner/Life Coach with Empowerment Quest International

All of the aforementioned skills, along with the experience I’d acquired practicing each of them, allows me the ability to help others do everything from handling everyday life stresses and adversities, to breaking out of addictions, depression, and harmful habits, and even determining his or her true calling in life.



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