How to Lose Belly Fat in 3 Simple Steps

The pooch. Jelly roll. Doughnut. Muffin top.

Such cute and fun names!

Yet they don’t bring about visions of yummy desserts so much as they do of jiggly layers of fat so many of us have over our midsections.

Not only are our spare tires unsightly and frustrating, particularly when we’re trying to look cute sans-girdles, they’re actually a sign of ill health, to boot!

Belly fat has been proven to increase your chances of getting heart disease and bringing on diabetes or even cancer, due to cytokines which cause inflammation.

That’s a ton of bad news! Now, for the good news: You can actually DO something about it! Let’s get into our plan of action in 3 simple steps…

My Client Tannin Beating Belly Fat!

1. Eat less of this…

Simple carbs like sodas, fruit juices, candy and baked goods of any kind tend to be stored as fat much faster than just about any other food item.

Anything that doesn’t contain fiber but DOES contain sugar will spike your insulin levels and prompt that belly fat storage.

Processed food are also not your friends — they’re usually full of chemicals, trans fats, hidden sugars and all of these are not conducive to a slim waistline.

So stay away!

2. Eat more of this…

Healthy fats from sources like nuts, olive oil, avocados, and salmon are some of the best things you can eat to balance out your hormone levels and blunt any spikes in your insulin levels, warding off belly fat storage.

Anything high in fiber is a great help too, even carbs!

Want something sweet? Grab an apple!

Looking for comfort food? A bowl of oatmeal is a great option!

Both are high in fiber content, which results in a more gradual absorption, steady hormone levels, and therefore no belly!

And while this isn’t quite “eating,” it is consuming: Water! And lots of it!

The more you drink, the more accurately you’ll be able to tell whether you’re truly hungry or not. Water has also been shown to help regulate hormone levels, which is super important for your flat belly cause!

3. Move! As much as you can!

Sitting still for long periods of time has been shown to result in fat gain even if you exercise several times a week!

If you work a sedentary job, be sure you’re moving around at least for a few minutes every single hour.

And of course a good workout program is essential when it comes to losing overall body fat including that pesky and harmful belly fat.

Don’t be afraid to lift weights, because THAT is what boosts your metabolism more than just about any other type of exercise over the long-term.

And a lightening fast metabolism is a surefire way to prevent any possibility of belly fat sticking around for long!

And there you have it:

Three basic, simple steps to taking control of your body, belly and all! With all of these components in place, you’re sure to see a slimmer waistline — and a healthy body along with it.

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