A metabolism so fast it makes NASCAR jealous

Today from the Brickyard…

Today’s Q&A comes from newsletter subscriber Irene W. who writes:

“Olesya, I can’t seem to lose any weight. I only eat 2 times a day and can’t lose my belly. Whats up?”

Sound familiar?

Well your O’licious leader ( yours truly ) has some news for you.

Can you guess why Irene is stuck? Why does her belly go “squish”?

Here’s the deal.

Your metabolism is exactly like a NASCAR race and even Danica Patrick knows what she has to do to win… put some frickin’ gas in the darn fuel tank!

“Ohhh.. their makin’ a left tuurnn…. oh.. their makin’ another left turrnn..” – Thanks Jeff Dunham!

If you have no gas in your tank where you gonna go? Nowhere fast thats for sure.

Your body is your engine your food is your fuel.

Eat like a bird and you sure won’t look like a sexy bikini model. Then add on hours and hours of useless cardio, working out 6x a week and you will end up stuck, depressed and questioning everything you do from that point on.

Nothing will work and you won’t even get off the starting line.

Once you burn up your metabolism you are 100% done. Eat less, workout more, do 2 more hours of cardio a day and won’t make a bit of difference. In fact it will act like some rusted school bus yard art collecting weeds on your front lawn. –yeee haw! Your belly fat will INCREASE, your butt will SAG, whatever muscle you do have will disappear.

Just being one worse flabby version of yourself. The idea is to rev your “engine” – your metabolism to the point you are burning fat and sculpting/toning muscle at the same time.

So what can you do to turbo-charge your NASCAR metabolism?

Eat 6 small meals a day for one.

Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or otherwise- won’t matter. Pick up the fork 6x a day, eat protein, fat and carbs then continue in this fashion until you start filling your fuel tank.

How do you do that and what exactly do you eat?

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