Should I Eat After 7pm?

Tick Tock – Tick Tock

That the sound of your food clock…

…warning you its about time you starve yourself all night?


A fan of The Olicious One sent me an email the other day asking (most of the email was more like crying to me actually) but to paraphrase what she said… “I always heard it was a good idea not to eat after 7pm as I go to sleep by 9 and get up at 6amto take care of the kids, dog and my lazy arse husband.. is that true”?..

Is what true? Your husband being lazy? LOL. Thats not something I can help with or choose to be involved in. Sorry but that one you are going to have to figure out on your own.

Anyone know of a lazy husband detecting device for sale on Amazon or Ebay? Looking for a great way to make money maybe thats your next gig? Invent one and make billions.

I digress…

Let me ask you, does your body know what time it is? Is there even such a thing as “time” at all? Not really..

We know your body needs fuel, the fuel comes from food and how are you going to get enough by limiting the time you can actually eat.

So you go 12 hours without eating anything? Your body goes into starvation mode and completely STOPS all fat burning, muscle toning and such awesome things. Don’t even get me started about Intermittent Fasting. (thats another email)

You absolutely need to eat and the time on your clock makes no difference. You burned calories during the day and your body needs to replenish them whether you are asleep or not.

THE problem comes in when you start to eat the WRONG things, at the wrong times for the wrong reasons. NOTHING to do with the clock on the wall, or your fitbit chica.

You must eat all your frequent meals and they must be the right size, in the right ratio – doesn’t matter the time. Spread the meals apart so you have a constant flow of energy, limit insulin spikes.

What you end up with is a lean, mean, fighting machine ready to kick some belly fat booty! (belly fat as a booty?)

So how do you know what to eat? Are carbs allowed after a certain time?

Join me and find out here:


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