Skinny Dip Like Nobody’s Watching

Crack a window…

throw the top down…

shed a few layers (heck, all of them) — yep, it’s time to take things outside.

Who doesn’t frickin’ love this warm Summer weather?

Only problem is it makes everyone get nakkid and show off the goodz…. ya know?

On display for everyone to see.. the good and the bad.


Since the warm weather yours truly has become apparently the complaint department for my visitors.

Been getting way too many complains shot to my office inbox from random people who beat themselves up for so many things without realizing that the reason behind it is because they are putting enormous pressure on themselves to be some legend in their own minds.

I know it’s easy to think we’re really just failing at life when we fall off course (which happens more often than not and it completely normal BTW)

…or are not in the place we think we’re supposed to be and not getting results fast enough.

Well my dear minions,  keep in mind that change doesn’t happen overnight – and we must become present to the actions we’re taking right now and the impact they are having.

The expectations we have for ourselves are sometimes overwhelming, and unattainable in the time frame we’ve given ourselves – and can destroy our health.

Don’t let it and give yourself permission to fail. We all do it, its normal, get over it.

They say failure is what? Just another rung in the ladder to success….

I’ve had ongoing conversations with people who have this mentality that to achieve their fitness goals they do hours of cardio and workout multiple times per day.

Don’t know what GURU told you to do that but please stop the insanity.. geez.. WTF?

If a little is good more = better? NOPE

Most importantly burning yourself out like that not getting results thinking more is going to do it will destroy you from the inside out.

Mentally, physically and hormonally. Guarantee you destroyed your metabolism and any chance you had of losing fat or sculpting muscle.

Super serial thought — even if you were to achieve your idea of perfection with this insane schedule, how would you keep it without always upping the intensity?

Don’t be soundin’ like much fun to me chica… good luck wit dat.

Please take a step back, focus, relax. Take some time off – reset and look for something that will actually get you results WHILE getting healthy.

Fark is the point of destroying your body and health attempting to get healthy and a great body.. thats like some inception mind bending stuff…

When you are done dreaming or being upset with yourself and actually want to succeed… here’s the answer:

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