Must-Know Facts About Soda, Diet or Not!

According to the Encyclopedia of Medicine, approximately 57 percent of kids with low blood calcium levels consume more than four bottles of soda per week. That’s a quantity of 12 to 16 ounces per drink, for a total of more than 50 ounces!

“But my kid drinks diet, so what’s the big deal?”

If that’s what you’re thinking, I’ve got some more facts for you: While the high sugar levels contained in non-diet sodas are one of the primary reasons for obesity in children and adults, ALL types of soda, including the diet varieties, lead to serious health problems — especially in children.

All those Cokes and Sprites pose a threat to the growth development of your kids, as consumption of the chemicals contained in all types of soda depletes productive levels of calcium in the bloodstream; and we all know that’s needed for building strong bones, right?

Think you’re safe ’cause you’re done growing? Think again!

Insufficient calcium levels have been directly linked to the development of osteoporosis in numerous studies. Osteoporosis is, to be trite, a brittling of the bones that results in easy fractures and breakage of bone tissues.

Here’s how it works: Over-consumption of sodas depletes the body’s levels of vitamin K, resulting in mineral deficiencies in bones, thereby making them brittle. Vitamin K also promotes healthy clotting of the blood. Too little of it can lead to excessive bruising of the skin tissues, as well.

Not enough to make you chuck that can of Pepsi?

The acidity from sodas is also hazardous to the enamel of teeth, destroying tooth enamel and leading to tooth decay, which can, in turn, lead to other potential health factors. So now, you’ve got weak, brittle bones, and teeth that are ready to fall out!

Is it still worth it?

Sadly, to many people, it just may be! The United States ranks in the highest overall consumption of soda beverages, with a whopping “fifteen ounces per day.” The Food Politics stated that “Americans consume 13.15 billion gallons of carbonated drinks every year.” Amazing, isn’t it?


Sodas? So, DUH!

After the facts are in, are the effects worth the risk to YOU? Depending on the individual, most people would rather not know the risk, because that would just make them responsible for the health issues at hand.

I’m hoping you aren’t one of these people.

About Teri

Teri LaFaye is a teacher, a mentor, a writer, and an inspiration. She’s also the author of a published children’s book, written in a humorous rhyme theme that’s perfect for the child in your life — or the child in you! Please contact Teri at

References The health effects of drinking soda – quotes from the experts.

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12 thoughts on “Must-Know Facts About Soda, Diet or Not!

  1. KKKRRR says:

    You know… I have never once drank a pop or diet pop in my entire life– I guess that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about 🙂

  2. Epona says:

    Yeah I never really drank the sugar stuff even growing up, then I started watching calories and the diet soda just seemed more in line with that, especially this year.

    But a couple of weeks ago I had to say enough is enough. Started just drinking water with a sprinkle of the Xtend BCAA’s instead, just enough to give it flavour. Once I got used to the taste that is.

  3. Brian Schilling, PhD says:

    Be careful believing everything you read. Note that there is not one published, peer reviewed research study supporting this theory on soda and vitamin K.

  4. Kellie says:

    I don’t drink soda now and never really did much growing up. We don’t keep it in the house, so it’s not a big deal in our house. However, my husband may treat the kids with one every so often. They never even finish a quarter of the can because it is soooo sweet.

    My brother on the other hand would drink a 12 pack of soda in a day or two. Then he switched to diet, but he still drinks it. Makes me sad because he has done this since he was a kid.

  5. Carolf says:

    I never drank regular soda but started drinking diet cola several years ago. It developed into somewhat of an addiction. I’ve cut down tremendously and am trying to substitute sparkling water – luckily brands like polar and poland spring have sparkling water with natural flavoring and no chemicals or fake sugar.

  6. Shopkins says:

    Thank god I am not really into soda…. I might have a sip once a week or so, but once you give them up or abstain from them for a period of time, they start to taste odd and unpleasant.

    Makes me worry for my husband though…. he is addicted!

    I drink a few diet lipton teas per week… wonder if that is a concern too?

  7. Kim312 says:

    I never drank pop growing up, but I did get into the diet stuff in college. But, I have cut out all diet pop out of my diet… I will drink Diet Coke on special occasions… but am glad that I’ve cut it out of my daily diet. Aspartame is so horrible for you… I try to avoid it at all costs!!

  8. Jackiemc13 says:

    I always knew this stuff was horible for you… diet or not, it is chock full of chemicals… I remember reading that coke itself can be used as insecticide on plants… image what that does to the acid in your stomach…

    Last prep, I eliminated all sodas like 8 wks… 1 week later, lost an immediate 4 pounds just from dropping that alone… Another 2-3 pounds when I dropped artificial sweeteners altogether.

  9. Sonya says:

    I know that soda is bad for you…but it tastes so darn good! (especially Dr. Pepper) But being the health conscious individual I am I definitely limit my intake!

  10. Bootybootybooty says:

    I recently gave up diet pop, splenda, and caffeine all in one shot. My digestion, and my sleep are already improving!

  11. Tina says:

    I drink diet soda in moderation because I like the taste. I dont believe that anyone should drink regular soda certainly not kids. Most seem to be hyped up enough without the extra sugar and caffeine. However, I dont see how it is any different from kool-aid or any of the other “juice” drinks that are out there. There is an obesity epidemic in the US that stems from overeating and lack of exercise. Fast food is a contributor but so is macaroni and cheese, meat loaf, lasagna, hamburger helper, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes. It starts at home.

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