The Absolutely Ultimate Bikini or Figure Competition “B.A.B” List

What’s In Your “Bring Along Bag”?

What Should I Bring Along With Me On Show Day?

One of the most often asked questions I get as a competition coach is just that. Especially if you have never done a competition before! How the heck do you know what to bring with you? I am here to help and make this much less stressful. Its YOUR day and the focus should be on YOU, definitely not worrying about things you don’t know you might need.

Here’s a list of the items I recommend you take with you the day of the show… most of it is readily available (or you’ll already have); but just double check and get whatever you feel you may need — then don’t forget to toss it in your bag when packing.

Print out this simple and easy checklist and get it together.

WARNING: I feel I must warn you though…being the smartest woman and most prepared girl at your show by having all these secret things most competitors will never think of WILL have them all begging you for help =-)

You will be easily the most popular girl at the show!

Here’s what you NEED to have in your B.A.B!

  1. Dark towels (just because everything you touch will be stained from your dark tan)
  2. Food (consult your Peak Week guide)
  3. Snacks (again, same as above)
  4. Gatorade (not sugar-free)
  5. Utensils
  6. Clothes to change into (LOOSE dark stuff so your tan doesn’t get ruined — or a silky/satin robe)
  7. Hair Spray
  8. Visine (your eyes will feel dry and may look blood shot)
  9. Makeup
  10. Bikini Bite or Elmer’s Spray Glue for your suit
  11. False eyelashes and tweezers to help apply them (or eyelash glue, in case they come up after your makeup artist puts them on for you)
  12. Comb/brush
  13. Sponge or puff (for blending out/fixing your tan in case you need to do so)
  14. Glaze (or tanning oil; Jan Tana has one for sale, or you can get Banana Boat tanning oil which is available at any drugstore))
  15. Suit (you’d be surprised how many girls forget their suits! Prepack yours!)
  16. Shoes
  17. Mirror (they will NEVER have enough mirrors for everyone backstage!)
  18. Toothbrush and paste
  19. Chapstick (your lips may feel extra dry)
  20. Safety pins (just in case)
  21. Small sewing kit (just in case)
  22. Baby wipes
  23. Flip flops
  24. Cash
  25. Jewelry
  26. Business cards (you may have opportunities to network with photographers)
  27. Pen and paper
  28. Bobby pins
  29. Nail file
  30. Vaseline (for teeth; your lips may stick to them if you’ll be dehydrated)
  31. Feminine stuff (just in case)
  32. Paper towels
  33. Exercise band (in case they don’t have enough weights for everyone to pump up; if you aren’t sure whether you’re pumping up, ask me!)
  34. Curling iron (or flat iron, depending on how you’ll be having your hair styled)


Always better to pack things you won’t be needing, than to need things you won’t have packed — so think ahead, and if you have any questions about any of the items above, run them by me!  Just be prepared for all the attention your “bring along bag” will receive at the show.


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