Tonia Overcomes Her Anxiety and Rocks It On Stage

Hi! My name is Tonia, I’m 33 years young, and I’m happily married to my soul-mate of 8 years, we have a 4 year old little girl who is my angel and hero that has changed my life for the better. My husband and I both own a Fitness Club in Louisiana, a burger joint, and recently bought a convenient store that will open in January. Some of the things I love are spending time with my family, cooking, writing poetry, and I absolutely love and can not go without weight training!

What motivates you to tackle your fitness goals? Feel free to talk about your athletic background, health goals, competition endeavors, modeling goals, etc.

I love a challenge and I’m very courageous, so I like to tackle things even if I’m terrified of them. When I met my husband 8 years ago, he inspired me to work out and weight train and ever since I picked up a dumbbell I have been addicted. Its amazing how we can sculpt our bodies the way we want them just by eating clean and being dedicated to exercising. Our bodies truly are a piece of art that is beautiful.

What has been your proudest fitness accomplishment to date? May involve completing a show, doing a shoot, being in great shape at a special event, improving health, inspiring loved ones, etc.

I’ve always have had anxiety, especially in the event of being in a tiny suit and having all eyes on me on top of being judged! So my proudest accomplishment would be my first show, stepping on that stage and rocking it!

What do you love most about the fitness lifestyle and being in shape?

I love meeting other people that have the same interest as me, who knows how to work their ass off to get results, who is determined and disciplined. I love seeing my body change with awesome results, how great I feel, and also how I inspire others to start living healthier lives. And who doesn’t love hearing “Dang your one ripped woman!”

What’s been the hardest obstacle to overcome in your path to reaching your goals?

I don’t know if I can name one. I’m just the same as everyone else, I have a full time job, (self-employed which is very stressful), I’m a mother and wife, problems pop up everyday and I just prioritize and try my best to work around it. If that means getting up at 4 or 5am to get my workout in that’s what I will do.


Tell us about your future goals and dreams, relating to fitness or otherwise.

Well I did my first Physique Show in 2014, I’ve competed twice and I absolutely love everything about it. My goal is to go Pro, hopefully in 2015, and have a fitness apparel clothing line out.

What’s your favorite “clean” meal or food item? List as many as you like!

Omgosh I’m not a picky eater although I don’t like cottage cheese! I love, love, love, peanut butter and apples! Another one is a chicken stir fry with brown rice. I also love my turkey burgers, YUM!

Your preferred treat meal?

I love all desserts! Favorites range from brownies, ice cream, triffles, and can’t go wrong with cake or cupcakes!

What type of training do you like best? *You can specify type of program split, whether you prefer weights or cardio and what kind, other physical activities you enjoy, etc.

I actually love body part split routines, however I do like to switch things up to prevent from getting bored. During cutting phase Olesya had me doing “300’s,” I was really surprised but I actually loved it!

What kind of music helps motivate you in the gym? *Specify if none; otherwise, feel free to mention anything from type of music, to name of artist or specific songs.

I love Beyoncé, Pink, Leona Lewis, Kid Rock, Katy Perry, Rhianna, Alicia Keys, anything upbeat, it has to keep me pumped.

Your favorite motivational quote. What thought helps you get moving when exercising is the last thing on your mind?

“No Excuses!”
“Can’t Is Not In My Vocabulary”
“When You Feel Like Quitting Think Of Why You Started”

What’s the best piece of advice you can offer someone who’s looking to get in shape or reach her fitness goals?

There will be obstacles, doubters, and mistakes, but with hard work you will succeed. Be fearless, have a vision and go for it. Never quit! If you fall get back up, it takes failing to come back stronger. And if you have a coach trust them and always trust the process!

If there are any people you’d like to thank for helping you on your journey, do so here!

I’d like to thank my husband and little girl, without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. I’d also like to thank my coach, Olesya, for being such an amazing coach, she’s brought me up in times I was down and taught me not to sweat the small stuff.

Would you recommend Olesya’s coaching services to others? If so, please describe what made your experience positive. If not, why not?

Yes Absolutely! Olesya is amazing at what she does. I researched several coaches before I found her and I knew right away with my first phone call with her, she was the perfect coach for me. I immediately felt very comfortable with her. She is very professional and has awesome work ethics. She always made me feel important. I have a hard time expressing just how amazing this woman really is! She is always on time when it comes to emails, or calls, and I can talk to her about anything. She’s really a beautiful soul inside and out and I’ve never met another coach who has cared more about her clients than her. She has by far the most awesome meal plans I’ve ever seen, (and I have seen several), along with some great training routines.

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